Friday, November 28, 2008

TV Guilty Pleasure

I watch my fair share of TLC shows and I they are a bit of a guilty pleasure... no obsession. That network is so marketed right at me. I'm not much for the reality shows of MTV or ABC, but give me a show about families living their lives they way they do everyday and I'm hooked. Sure, sure, they get endorsement deals from local companies ALL THE TIME but if they can work it, then power to them. These shows won't last forever so they need to squeeze everything they can out of them while they last. I mean, they are opening up their lives both the pretty and the ugly to be taped, edited and then for us to watch over and over again.

I started out watching TLC mainly for shows like 'What Not to Wear' and 'Trading Spaces' (which I'm so over!), but these family shows bring out the voyeur in me and I guess maybe my love of sociology. 'Little People, Big World' sucked me in really fast. Watching the kids grow up and the whole family dealing with adversity, different challenges and well... differing personalities. I found it fascinating.

And now, I fully admit I am one of the people out there who have fallen completely in love with the Gosselins from 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'. Sure they fight, and they don't always speak kindly to each other, but I love that they are REAL. Their kids are adorable (I want Asian babies!) and all very different. I realize there is a lot of controversy around them making money off of their kids, but I guess it's up to them and well... I am fully guilty of enjoying watching their kids grow up and Jon and Kate figuring out parenting with 8 kids. There is also a fair amount of "is this real" rumors, but whatever . Do what you gotta do!

Recently, TLC started airing a commercial campaign for their "Family Monday Nights" which I feel is so well done that I must share it here. The song is "Beautiful Life" by Fisher, which I was so happy to find and had to buy. The three shows they are promo'ing here are 'Jon & Kate plus 8', 'Little People, Big World', and the new 'Twins, Twins & Sextuplets' (so new, it doesn't even have a web page yet).

Then Jon and Kate had a few episodes showing their Vow Renewal in Hawaii. This commercial actually gets me choked up. I don't know if it's the loving smiles at the beginning, or the lighting, or more of this song which I love. Just a REALLY well produced 30 second spot.

I know, I know. Totally guilty!

BTW - if you look up these commercials on YouTube, many people have posted videos they took of their TV's. I guess we're not the only ones who thought they were well done. Eric and I actually TiVo'd the commercial and watched it multiple times. (CRAZY!)


J at said...

You know, if I had 8 kids, I'd do whatever I had to do to pay the bills as well. The TV show is perfectly fine with me. :-)

Ted said...

As Yoda would say regarding your addiction to these shows: "Have your number, they do..." :-)

I've watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 a couple of times, and found Jon too smug for my taste. Clearly the show is not marketed to me, but I'm glad you like it.