Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday, and while I know my mom doesn't read this here blog (that I know of), I still want to wish her a very happy birthday!

While my mom is getting up there in years, she is still a very active young lady. She is a member of a marching handbell choir, plays the organ and directs the handbell choir at her church, directs a singing group who visits Convalescent Hospitals and Assisted Living facilities multiple times a week, and most of her time is spent teaching piano and voice to a number of kids in her home piano studio. Her schedule is exhausting.

I hope when I am her age, that I am still as active and lively as she is.

Happy Birthday Mommy!


J at said...

Happy Birthday to Cherry's Mom! As one of the few bloggers who has had the pleasure of meeting your mom, I'll second your praise of her energy and her very sweet heart.

Starshine said...

Happy birthday, Cherry's mom!

I would love to have a family member who plays the piano. My dream would be to have an accompanist in the house to play whenever I feel like bursting into a show tune!