Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is it Worth It?

Last night, we ventured out to get a few colder weather clothing items. Eric adores soft fleecy loungey pants and when he has them, he will wear them all winter. Over the years they have become more difficult to find. Usually Old Navy is our best bet, but they don't have them for long when they do carry them. So that's where we went.

While we were there he did find his pants (very happy boy! and one who will now wait for me to do my thing since he's had a successful trip).

I went wandering into the massive piles of denim to see about finding a new pair of jeans. I had gained some weight recently and out of my large stash of jeans, I've only been able to fit into a single pair. Yes, this means I've been doing laundry multiple times a week because this girl pretty much just wears jeans and t-shirts and when she only has one pair to wear.... well, you get the idea.

I had to dig through piles of jeans to find the style and size I like. While in the dressing room with my find, I overheard that all denim would be one sale 50% on Black Friday. Now I knew why there was such a mass of jeans all over the place, piled high on tables instead of in the normally pretty neat stacks. The manager was telling a woman she could bring her receipt back on Friday to get the price match, but she'd have to wait in like with everyone else.

I hemmed and hawed about coming back on Friday to try to dig through the stacks again to find my size/style or to come back with my receipt both while dealing with long lines and crowds (at 5am mind you!). While these jeans aren't designer jeans expensive, I don't sneeze at the $30 price tag. I decided to walk out with my full priced jeans and haven't decided if getting up at 5am and standing in line outside is worth the savings. I did get 2 pairs, so that would be like getting a pair for free. errrr... is my sleep and sanity worth it?

Will I even try to do any shopping on Friday?
Will you?


J at said...

If I could get the sale price any other day of the year, I might do it. But to fight the crowds? I doubt it.

Ted said...

My sister is a big Black Friday shopper, but I've never gone out on that day to shop. But the prices sure are tempting! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Donna~ said...

day after Xmas was our big family shopping outing in Chicago - we never did Black Friday. Now, I sleep in until whenever on both days and maybe go shopping starting at lunchtime if that. All the crazies that got to the stores at 4am should be home by then. :) I don't do the frenzied shopper crowd thing anymore.