Monday, November 03, 2008

Frickin' Frack

So I changed my name when I got married and early last month I realized that because I did so I needed to re-register to vote. I filled out the form and mailed it in. And now I'm realizing that I never got a new voter card in the mail with my new name on it. In fact, I vaguely recall getting a second one with my old name on it. We were getting so much election crap that I wasn't really paying attention to it all and it was all just going in one big pile until we sifted through it all. And sure enough.... 2 voter cards came, both with my old name.


And when do I realize this? After it's too late to register. I do recall getting a new proposition booklet that said "The lastname's" on it recently, so maybe it did take. GAR! I wish I thought to check before October 20th, which was the cut off for registering in California.

I tried checking, which was talked about on Oprah, but alas, my county doesn't have their info online so I couldn't so easily check. I could call, but at this point I couldn't do anything to fix it.

I guess I'll be going to my polling place tomorrow and just hoping my name is on there. Maybe they'll have the list outside again so I can check to see which name is on there and I'll take both of my ID's with me ;-)


~Donna~ said...

just have both IDs with you. I got a check for my old EDS stock in my married name - had forgotten all about it. Bank wouldn't take it cos it didn't match my ID. I had to take in my divorce papers to prove it was once my name, cos who the hell keeps an id with your old married name once you get divorced and change it back?!? gah. BTW, that divorce was celebrated on friday - 10 years already. :) DEF wouldn't have any old IDs for heaven's sake!

Autumn's Mom said...

i got one in both names. I had filled out paperwork to change mine and then they actually called to confirm, and i hadn't gotten one in new name yet. So PHEW made it! voted and sent.

PS, I have old drivers license still. but it's only been two months for me :D

Jamie said...

Double FRACK! Total bummer. This is yet another reason why after my divorce I commited to never changing my last name again - EVER! Too many unforseen complications that bite you in the ass. To prove it, my new husband has taken my last name instead.

J at said...

I agree, just take both IDs and you'll be fine. :)

Starshine said...

How did it turn out?

C said...

The same thing happened to me. I cannot tell you how many issues I had changing my name. LOL!

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