Friday, November 14, 2008


Our little foodies group at the office organized a little cheese tasting thing where people brought in different cheeses and we tasted and discussed cheese.
I brought in two of my favorites, Manchego and Humbolt Fog. The Manchego I find to be rich and almost sweet. A lovely eating cheese. And the Humbolt Fog is a young rind ripened goat milk cheese which was introduced to me in culinary school. It's smooth and creamy, rich with a slight tangy bite. I adore it and it is becoming more and more popular and easier to find.
Good Times!

We had a small turn out but all of the cheeses brought in were quite tasty. I mean, come on now, its CHEESE! And now, I realize I ate too much of it. Not so good times!

Great concept. Need to work on the execution. Balance out the enjoyment with the over indulgence.

**Grumble Grumble**