Thursday, November 06, 2008

Internaltional Interest

I wish I could get more words to come out of my fingers but right now I'm SO TIRED! I think my fingers even hurt from the computer work of the day. My teeth even hurt, but that's more because I'm pretty sure I've been grinding them ALL THE TIME, not just in my sleep anymore. AWESOME! I'll probably need braces again if this keeps up.

I do just want to note that I've been really interested in how I've read on more then one blog from a friend from up north who have been interested in our presidential election. I've gotten questions from people I work with who live over in Europe and Asia on my thoughts and how things were looking up to Tuesday. They all knew Tuesday was the big day. Am I really that naive in how much the US and it's president really affects the world?

I guess so.

All thanks to my bubble. Sometimes I really love my bubble. Sometimes I think I should really let it go.


J at said...

My teeth hurt today too, but it's my stupid sinuses. Ugh.

Autumn's Mom said...

It is amazing that the world was watching us on Tuesday. I like my bubble too.

Starshine said...

Have a nice relaxing weekend, Cherry!

C said...

Crazy, isn't it? We were glued to the news for all the weeks building up to "the big day". Unfortunately, I was in the hospital when history was made, but we were kept up to date via text messages from those watching.

I've mentioned it before, but many of us in Canada seem to be more interested in American politics than in our own. Not that I don't care about ours or anything, because I do. I always exercise my right to vote (in fact I think it's our duty to do so!). The sad thing is that American politics is just more interesting to me.

It's not just this past election though. EVERYTHING that goes on in the States seems to make it on our Canadian news stations. I'm still trying to figure out why. It's interesting, don't you think? :)

Hope you're doing well and I hope you have an amazing (yet relaxing) weekend! XO