Monday, April 30, 2007

The Dress

Finding the dress can be painful and joyous, hot and exhausting, and a whole lot of fun. For me, it was 2 weekends of time with my mom and girlfriends, and being totally cool standing around half naked and laughing a lot.

The first day at the first salon I tried on MANY dresses. I had a consultant who was great at listening to me and running around finding dresses for me to look at and try on. She was very efficient and knew her stuff. Amongst the thousands of dresses, she pulled out THE DRESS.

It's a little different, but very now. It's simple, but with just enough adornment. It's shaped so I'm not freaking out about my bumps, lumps and "squish". I fell in love with it... but still had to look at some "cheaper" options, so off to David's Bridal I went the next day.

There I was shocked by the bright white lights. The large number of brides and prom goers in this very large showroom. But there were a few dresses I thought looked pretty good on me... and they were so much less money then the one at the fancy bridal salon.

After another weekend of re-trying on my narrowed down list of 3, I could only visualize myself in the fancy, well fitting, slightly different dress which I clearly loved more then the others. I had figured this would happen and had already scheduled an appointment to get my measurements and order the dress... you know just in case.

The day before my appointment I was to order the dress, I went to the designer's website and found that MY DRESS had been discontinued. Slightly worried, I went to my appointment to order my dress. I mentioned the discontinued status on the website to my consultant, and a wash of worry came over her face. She said, "Then you aren't going to get your dress." Oh well that made me feel better! But I just smile and try to not freak out because I could always fall back on the David's Bridal dress and I was also pretty sure the bridal salon would not be needed this discontinued dress anymore and I could probably have it altered to fit and maybe might even get a discount to help cover the cost of the needed alterations.

After my consultant calls the designer, argues with her boss about why the dress was still on the floor, she asks me to try on the dress one more time to see if I could buy the stock dress. Amazingly it fits perfectly! My consultant continues to apologize and comment on how calm I am. Since calm is far from being my middle name, I am actually pretty amazed too. But what was I going to do. Maybe I should have pitched a fit, because I didn't get the discount I had hoped for, but since I'm no haggler, I paid for the dress and checked it off my list.

Now, the dress has been cleaned and mostly repaired, and is hanging in a closet at my parent's house. The lacing for the corset back is not the original lacing, so I'm having a new one made. My good friend, Amy, has a dress by the same designer so she has sent me her lacing to see if it will work for my dress as well which I will try out at my first alteration appointment this Thursday.

Hopefully I'll continue this calm about my dress through the next few months. What can I do, right?

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I guess this has been out there for a few weeks, and y'all have probably already seen it, but I got such a kick out of it this morning that I just had to share it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm tired.
So much to say, so little time.
I don't know when I'll get time to catch up on all of the reading that has been backing up, but I guess that is what I should expect for going and getting all busy and stuff for over a month.

A brief synopsis of the past 5 weeks:
  • Wedding site - check
  • Wedding dress - check - hanging in the closet and waiting to be altered
  • Wedding cake - check
  • Wedding caterer - check
  • Wedding website - check
  • Wedding photos - check
  • Wedding invites - 75% checked - mailing this weekend
  • Wedding dress workout kick my ass weekday 5:30am bootcamp - check, check, and will check some more
  • Wedding flowers - will be checked when I do them the day before and hopefully they won't be forgotten and make it to the site, because that would REALLY SUCK
  • Wedding music - 5% checked, but will be asking my friends to help out with this one
  • Wedding wine - been tasting and sipping and researching and asking anyone that might have an opinion (people totally have opinions)
  • Wedding hair and make-up - appointment made, and idea pictures in hand
  • Wedding day get ready and wedding night hotel room - argh... not checked
  • Rehearsal plans - kinda checked but may change because I'm not thrilled with the dinner location
  • Day After Brunch plans - also kinda checked, but may change because I love the location but they don't allow reservations so that might be tricky
  • Organizing and Communicating with Family and Friends who are travelling - this wasn't my task, but thanks to the wedding website, its much more checked now then it was before
  • Letting go of my control freak nature and asking my friends to help me since we are doing a budget wedding and need all the help we can get - well..... I'd say I am doing much better then expected

Did I mention I'm getting married in June and I didn't start planning ANYTHING until about 5 weeks ago? Yup, the last post I published would mark the start of my brain going from thinking about the day to actually making it happen. The day after that post I had my first bridal dress excursion and then I've had little sleep ever since. Of course I've also been slammed at work, which has become a sort of lovely daily vacation from the wedding planning, although it's never fully out of my thoughts. I am having a blast with every moment of it all... well maybe not every moment. Eric and I have had some interesting "discussions", but overall things are going great!

Oh, and some of you might have noticed some cupcake pictures over there in the sidebar. A childhood friend of mine contacted me about making the dessert for a bridal shower she was co-hosting. They turned out really well, and mighty tasty too! So cute that Eric said, We should make the mini ones for our wedding ..... that turned into another one of those "interesting discussions".