Monday, January 11, 2010

Still Here. Still Pregnant. Still Hurting.

VERY quick update....

  1. I am still around even though I don't comment much on your blogs or write ANYTHING on mine. I'm very busy at work and have to choose carefully when I'm going to use my hands.... see #4.
  2. I am still pregnant (YAY!) and am currently in my 21st week. I am showing a bit, some days I'm bigger than others, and I've taken NO photos of my progression which is something I always wanted to do and just need to at least start already because I can't turn back time.
  3. I am having some complications where I get lightheaded and my heart races and sometimes I end up with an irregular heart rhythm for a few seconds. I've done an EKG which showed nothing but a fast pulse (of course). I'm betting I'm just anemic.
  4. I now have what is known at Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel. I had Carpal Tunnel already and tendinitis all over both arms and hands but now its a little different and the pain is even worse. I had heard that pregnancy could make it worse but I couldn't see how it could be any more painful... guess what? IT CAN! YES IT CAN! I've ordered some Speech Recognition software so we'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll actually start documenting this experience finally.
  5. We are in the middle of doing a Short Sale on our place and will be looking to rent a place closer to my office to reduce my commute. We're still debating the pros and cons of locations and amenities. A lot has to do with our daycare decisions. More on that later.
So that's my quick update.... oh, and one more thing.

IT'S A GIRL (insert both ultrasound technician's disclaimers here)