Sunday, November 09, 2008

Felled Down

This morning I was sitting in our living room looking up hiking trails in the area as I was getting ready to meet up with my friend for a hike. We used to hike at least weekly and I really miss that time with her where we would talk and laugh and occasionally huff and puff our way up hills.

I guess I was sitting sort of funny because my foot fell asleep, like really asleep. I knew it was dumb to put weight on it so I massaged it and was tapping it on the floor while I held onto the chair. I swore it was feeling like any other foot so I took a step. Apparently it had hit the snooze button because it was far from awake. It curled under, lots of bad noises were heard and I found myself on my face on the floor.

A far amount of time passed while I lay there assessing the situation. Do I yell for Eric. Did I just break my foot? Why can't I move my toes or my whole foot for that matter? The numbness turning into throbbing which gave way to searing sharp pain working its way up my leg. Ok, time to call Eric out of bed.

So much for a hike.

Almost 12 hours later and its ok, but that was a scare. I clearly pulled some stuff in there and it is swollen and stiff and hurts and there is a weird tingling when I step on it. But its not broken. Phew.


~Donna~ said...

good heavens! Hope it keeps not being anything too serious and continues to heal, but with minimal pain and all the rest of the uncomfortableness.

J at said...

Ack! I've had that happen, too. OK, well the falling part, not the noises and the injury. Take it easy and give it time to heal!

Autumn's Mom said...

oh my. Take it easy there you. Hope it's better soon. :)

Starshine said...

I bet you sprained it. Ouch! Glad you're okay.