Saturday, November 03, 2007

Zombie Prom 2007

Tonight we are going to an after-Halloween Halloween party. Our host and hostess have an annual party and due to some scheduling issues, they couldn't do this last week like most folks.... so we got to tear through the clearance bins to find some deals today to try to put together some costumes to go with the theme of '80's Zombie Prom'!!!!

So far we have some nice pieces from Goodwill which includes a lovely black velvet and iridescent teal taffeta number for me, and for Eric we found a red and black hounds tooth jacket with a sweet black velvet collar (you know you want one too!).

We just got back from a few drug stores which had clearance bins of their leftover Halloween CRAP, and we found a few little makeup kits and I got a can of Aqua Net which is totally required for the 80's hair. Hopefully my recent perm will help out!

Wish us luck.... we're off to put on our costumes and then .... rip them up and pour blood on them.

*Due to time constraints (supposed to be at this party in an hour), I'll add pictures to this post tomorrow.
**Sunday AM update -- I forgot our camera!!! But some friends got a few shots of us, so I'm waiting for them to send them to me. Stay tuned.
As a teaser... let's just say I had completely forgotten the power of Aqua Net, a curling iron and a lot of back combing.
***Sunday PM update -- Ok... ok... here's a little cut and paste work from a group shot I found on facebook. My hair was never that fantastic in the 80's!


Beenzzz said...

That sounds like fun. Yes, the aqua net is always a MUST for 80's hair. I hope you post some pics. :)

J at said...

We totally need pics. What a crazy busy fun weekend you are having!

Gina said...

Pics are required after a post like that. Hope you had fun.

MrsGrumpy said...

Teal is so 80's. I used to begin with Miss Clairol spray, to build a foundation, add a layer of Aqua Net to enhance the bigness, and then finish with the Miss Clairol. I like the smell of Miss Clairol and it mingled nicely with my Gloria Vanderbilt perfume.

C said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see pics!

An 80's theme party. All I can think about is BIG hair and dreadful make-up! LOL! Love it!

Karen MEG said...

Can't wait for pictures.... see, I am living vicariously through you. Hope you have fun!

Starshine said...

Def show us pics!

Starshine said...

You look awesome!

Autumn's Mom said...

totally Awesome! Glad you had fun..