Friday, November 09, 2007

Co-workers and Friends

I got some very sad news this morning that a woman I worked with previously passed away yesterday morning. It was found that she had cancer only a few short months ago. The word spread farly quickly because we were a pretty tight group. We will meet at an open house in a few weeks to think of our friend and to be thankful for each other.

This news of course makes me grateful for mine and my family's health, but it also has made me realize how lucky I have been to work with the people I have found through my jobs. I have developed my closest and most lasting friendships though work. I have also grown my career thanks to these friends as we have developed a network of knowledge and opportunities.

Tonight, please hug each other a little tighter.


C said...

Awwww...Cherry! Your post made me weepy! Sorry to hear of your friend/co-worker's passing. You are truly lucky to have such a close connection with those you work with. That is really something special!

Hugs! xo

Karen MEG said...

That is so tragic about your friend/co-worker. Cancer is such a hideous disease.
I'm glad that you have made friends through your work network as well. It's important, considering how much time you spend at work.
I still get together with my work friends from my last job, about every 3 months for dinner/drinks. We were really close before our company merged and we all parted work-ways. They're all still working in the industry, so I'm hopeful that if and when I do step back into the workforce, they will be a big help in the transition.