Saturday, November 24, 2007

All Man!

While playing a fun game of Yahtzee between Eric, my mom and myself, my father brought in a plate of freshly broiled chicken thighs which he had been marinating in soy sauce and lemon juice and then brushed with BBQ sauce. It's so good, and very distinctively my dad's chicken. We gobbled up the chicken and continued on with our fun game. On the way home Eric, being the country boy that he is, belched a big one.

Him: Mmmmmm


Him: Smells like CHICKEN!

Me: Please roll down your window!

Him: If you didn't know that was a burp, you'd say, 'Mmmm smells like chicken!' too!

Me: That may be true, except that I do know.

Him: Mmm Tastes good!

Earlier in the evening Eric was taking care of some personal grooming. I walk into the bathroom to find the sink littered with plucked out NOSE HAIRS!


Him: What?

Me: THAT! (pointing to the sink)

Him: Oh yea (as he reaches for some toilet paper to wipe up his mess). Man, my nose feels lighter!

My husband, he may have no shame in letting a tear fall or talking about his feelings, but he's ALL MAN! I think I may even go as far as to get him a 'personal grooming tool' for Christmas. I've been talking about getting him one for years but it just seemed so cliche... but that's it, he's totally getting one!


Gina said...

I have never understood the whole burp thing. It is so male.

Karen MEG said...

Ain't it fun being married :)
Yup, my Ian's all man too. Funny how a lot of that gas seems to pass in the car- nothing like a nice confined space to make the guy feel all relaxed...

Py Korry said...

Gina: You haven't heard J and her sisters burp. It really rivals most guys I know. :-)

And Cherry, a nose hair clipper sounds like a good thing given how "heavy" Eric's nose gets when the hairs start growing.