Monday, November 12, 2007

Scar Management

I have that kind of skin that scars. I get a scratch, I scar. I stupidly pick at a zit, I scar. I gain some weight and the stretch marks remind me of it for decades later. And since I was a kid who fearlessly played, I often had scraps and bruises, and therefore still have scars from my little tumbles. I still have the mark that helps me remember the day I scraped up my knee on the tan bark at our church's little playground as I ran and dove to jump on the tire swing in my little pink dress and dragged my knees along the ground.

So, I'm not at all surprised that my surgery incision ain't so pretty. Besides having scar tissue internally that makes the area puffy and move funny, the actual incision is still painful, discolored, jagged and raised.

I tried using the VERY expensive Mederma gel but it gave me such an itch that felt like it was coming from inside where I could never get at it. I decided the discomfort just wasn't worth it.

Then I started using just Vitamin E oil while doing scar massage to help break up the tissue. I've read this technique can takes months to know if its working, but might as well try. At least the skin will be soft!

All along I had read about plastic surgeons recommending Silicon Gel Sheets to help both Hypertrophic and Keloid scars. My scar has both types of scar tissue, so even though I was hesitant to spend anymore money on something hardly anyone but myself, my husband and my doctors might ever see, I went ahead and ordered some. Most reports say the biggest changes will be noticed in the 3rd month, so I still have a while to wait to see if this treatment is worth it.

I know there are a number of people out there who have had surgeries, so I'm curious if you have tried any of theses techniques or products, or have any suggestions. I'm sure a number of you have also have "this type" of surgery or a c-section so you may be able to shed some light on how long it really takes to heal. The numb parts and the painful parts are one thing, but this scar is really bugging me.



Karen MEG said...

Cherry, I'm just like you, I scar rather badly too. Zits and the whole bit. It's terrible.
I don't have surgical scars, but I was also told about silicon helping scars. I had a bad wipeout when Giselle was about 4 months old - skinned my knee totally raw, took 4ever to heal. I've still got a bit of the scar, I used one of those band-aid scar solution kits.

MrsGrumpy said...

I am still numb over the scar, itself 2 years post abdominal surgery, BUT, I also have had the same "zipper" used 4 times, which may cause the numbness. The lumpy, swollen, "ouch I moved too fast" feeling was gone in about 4-6 months. I use vitamin E caplets that I cut open and apply to the scar. My scar will never totally look "normal" but, after a year of daily use, it looks better than it did.