Thursday, November 08, 2007

LOOK OUT! Crazy lady coming through!

Have you ever felt like you were having a crazy day?
Not just a day that seemed out of control, but more that YOU felt out of control?

That's me today.
It's only 10:15am and I'm already wondering if I am PMS-ing and looking at the calendar which shows me that there is no way this is PMS. I'm just going insane.

So far I have been rude on a call for work, I have been rude to multiple people, including my boss on IM, and I have had to stop myself from freaking out about some little work things before I had the whole story (THANK GOODNESS that I stopped to get the whole story before I went running to yell at someone, because today I'd actually yell instead of handling things in my normal calm and very professional manner.)

I honestly feel like I'm on speed or something.

It seemed to start this morning when I was driving to work and traffic was flowing nicely, and then some guy cut me off and then flipped me off... HARD! shaking his hand, like he really wanted to make sure I saw him. When he was behind me, I think I had slowed down a touch (you know to maybe 70 mph) as he had something hanging out his passenger window and I was looking in my mirror to try to see what it was via the lights of the person behind him since it was still dark out. Then suddenly he flew over 4 lanes and then back over within a few feet of me to flip me off. I immediately began replaying the previous few minutes in my mind to find out how I had pissed off Mr. AgroMan. Within moments he did the same thing to the person in front of him and then slammed on his breaks (I guess trying to make some sort of point). Thankfully his stupidness didn't cause an accident, but I watched this guy continue to be stupid for at least another 15-20 miles (mind you he never got far away from me because he kept flying all over the freeway, but I finally lost him at the bridge toll plaza).

Since that initial flipping off, I have been on edge a little. And then one little thing happened at work (aka a phone dying on me while on a conference call) and the crank has taken over.

I've eaten so that's not it.
I slept pretty well last night, so I've ruled out sleep deprivation.
I didn't end up exercising last night, so I'm thankful I have a yoga class at noon today.
But for the sake of my co-workers, I think I'm going to go for a walk now. Maybe a visit to our prayer/meditation room would be a good thing too. Although just slowing down to type out this post has helped too.

So thank you my dear bloggy friends. You have no idea how much you just saved me today!


Gina said...

It's sometimes amazing how the jerks can ruin our day, isn't it? Not every day, but some days.

Glad you are feeling better!

Love Bears All Things said...

Just hang in there!
Mama Bear

J at said...

I just had to laugh when you said, "I have yoga at noon" and that you might visit the "prayer/meditation room". It's like the bust never happened. ;)

Hope your day is all better by now.

~Donna~ said...

It's the new moon...i've spent all day discussing with the Honey and Antonella how I'm going to chop off all my hair and let it go gray. They've spent all day trying to talk me out of it. They have left me alone now since I've just left it at no more coloring...cos they said i wouldn't last more than a few weeks. I took it as a challenge. yes, I'm insane. Now i'm rambling on your blog. Definitely insane.

MrsGrumpy said...

A hug to you. And I feel like that everyday... and the same guy who flipped me off must be driving in your neighborhood now. That happened to me yesterday and I still haven't the foggiest why he was so upset.

Karen MEG said...

Oh I hate obnoxious drivers. That would totally set me off too.
Crank away Cherry... it's best to let off that steam!

sisterfriend said...

I'm so sorry you have the ickies. I would too. Being flipped off feels like such a personal affront, and it sets me on edge, too.

Starshine said...

How cool that you have a prayer/meditation room at work! Is the yoga offered through work, too?

Beenzzz said...

Aw, man! I'm sorry your day had such a pooey start. That guy sounds like a nut job. Just go for a walk and get some fresh air. That and yoga should help reduce the stress.

ML said...

Mr. Birdy Finger is a total jerk!

I hope your day is going better! Have a wonderful weekend.