Saturday, November 10, 2007

We've got spirit! Yes we do! ....

Eric and I just got back from a high school football game (the LONGEST game ever!). One of our friends is a teacher at the school and her and her husband invited us to drive up to join them. Eric has been asking to go to a high school game for a number of years as he always enjoyed his high school and college games. I don't think he really watched the game much, but to him it was a big social party.

Even though we didn't know the name of the school we were at (out of my school's division), we had a blast. The game took 3 hours and it was tight for a few quarters. Both teams were undefeated so it made for a pretty exciting game. It was fun to watch the parents and the "spirit squad" and all of the little school traditions. By the 4th quarter we were all cheering and clapping along with the girls and really getting into the game. I didn't grow up with football so I'm still very much learning the game and it was pretty darn fun to actually WATCH the game and get all caught up in it.

I was a little bummed that they didn't have a band to play all of those little songs, but they did play recordings of bands playing those little songs. You know those songs. All of the exact same songs I played in the stands many years ago or performed to on the field (Flag girl here!). I found it quite amusing that the songs haven't changed much. My high school no longer has a marching band as my director retired and they got all artsy and only focus on symphonic music and theory and stuff (they really are quite good, but I was very sad to hear the tradition of the Marching Band was over).

Eric had a great time and this game has only wet his whistle for some football fun. He's now talking about getting us to a Wisconsin game (his Alma mater). I told him maybe if they come to California (which they won't), because me and cold don't go well together! Ok, maybe I'll go visit Wisconsin in the fall one of these years. It's not too cold in the fall there is it? Mind you I think low 60's is COooooold!

Let's Go Badgers! Let's Go!


J at said...

You could visit Ms. Mamma. :) And eat cheese!

MrsGrumpy said...

I was born and raised (for the most part) in Wisconsin. It's not so very cold. Or maybe it is the fond memories of my childhood that warm it up for me.

C said...

Low 60's is cold? It is currently 5.8 degrees Celcius here! I think it's pretty mild, as winters can be -25 sometimes!

Now I'm going to have to Google search how much 5.8 degrees Celcius is in Fahrenheit! LOL!

PS. How funny is it that the word verification is "wnnpegg"?? It's like of the coldest places in Canada! LOL!

C said...

I'm back. LOL! Okay, I think 5.8 Celsius is 42.44 Fahrenheit! This is Fall temperature though. Summers are pretty stinkin' hot and winters are cold. Fall is a nice "in between" temperature! LOL! You know...jeans and sweater temperature :)

Oh, and my cousin was born in Winnipeg. They called it "Winterpeg".

Karen MEG said...

The one sport I have never been able to understand is football. I see them standing up, I see them falling down. Maybe I just need someone to explain it to me, but I tend to be dense when it comes to sports.
Sounds like you guys had a blast!

Love Bears All Things said...

I agree 60 is cold but it is all relative. A few days of 30's & 40's and I'll take 60.
There is nothing like the atmosphere at a football game. Though, I must say, I get pretty excited watching on TV.
Mama Bear