Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lazy Sunday

If you've been following this blog you'll know that I had a surgery a few months ago, and since then I get tired easily. I have been totally giving into this and have been telling myself that I am listening to my body and allowing myself to take it easy and to be nice to myself. Well I've gotten rather bored of this, and also know that if I don't push myself a little, that I will never return to the energetic life that I enjoy AND will not get back in shape. In other words, I have been leaning on this recovery period to get even lazier!

When I went back to work, I was exhausted after a day of work in the office, so I started working 2 days from home. Then I was able to only work 1 day from home and was doing ok, but even then I was still sleeping a ton on the weekend to "catch up".

But this week I had 2 parties to go to both of which kept me out until the AM. It felt so great to be out of the house and to be social. But today I am pooped! Completely pooped! My face and eyes actually hurt. I feel like I have a hangover but without the alcohol consumption. Had I known I was going to be hungover the next day, I might as well of had a drink or two!

Thankfully we had very light plans today, because not much was accomplished. We woke up after noon and went to the grocery. It's now almost 7:30pm and I still haven't put all of the groceries away because that would require me to clean out the fridge (which hasn't been done for quite a while). I bought ingredients to make little pecan tassies (little pecan pie like cookies) to take to the office tomorrow, but they never got made. I bought the makings of a fancy-ish dinner.... but I sat on the couch and ate Halloween candy and snap peas (great combo huh?), so I'm not hungry now, which means Eric is fending for himself.

I realize that the clocks were changed so it may seem really early, but I'm going to bed soon anyway.

It's days like these when it's nice to not have too many responsibilities!


Gina said...

I think you had a major surgery, and you SHOULD be listening to your body's signals. But if it is all mental, that's another story.

That being said, lazy Sundays rock.

ML said...

I agree with Gina!

Two parties that went into the AM? Wow, that would knock me on my butt too.

Py Korry said...

You tried to party like you never had surgery and, well, Cherry out! Hope Sunday helped you refuel your jets. Hang in there party girl! :-)

J at said...

I'm glad you had a day to recoup! Sounds like you needed it. :)

C said...

Sometimes a gal just needs to have herself some lazy Sundays! ;)

The pecan tassies sound sooooo good! I've never heard of them before, but they sound delish!

Quick question:
Do you say p'kah'n or pee kan??? I used to pronounce it the latter, but Hubby pronounces it the first way. He says "A 'pee can' is something you put under your bed!" LOL! Argh. Tomato, tomaaaaato!

Karen MEG said...

Cherry, sounds like the R & R was well-deserved. Don't push yourself too hard, just keep listening to your body.
Mind you, at least the reason you were pooped is that you were partying!! So that's a good thing.

Love Bears All Things said...

Right! You should sleep when you feel like it. Your body is boss.
Mama Bear