Sunday, November 18, 2007

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Is it just me or is SPAM getting worse?

I have used Yahoo! mail for over 9 years now (really, only 9 years?), and through much of the beginning of the rise of spam, the filters they used were great and I never really had to deal with the drivel which comes along with Internet mail. However, over the last few months it has gotten increasingly worse.

Oh sure, the majority of the spam is caught by their filters and it lands in my spam folder which I occasionally scan for mail which ended up there by mistake. However lately I mark at least 20-30 mail entries as spam a day. I'd think that by marking it spam, that I am "helping" teach the filters, but I'm starting to doubt that more and more. Now granted, the spammers of the world are getting more and more savvy but come on now! If spam can't get through to my work email inbox, then it shouldn't get through to my Internet account either.

Hmm... perhaps since I work at a company which our main money maker is a spam blocker, that should shed some light as to why I don't get any at work. Clearly Yahoo! Mail needs to buy our product!

So tell me... is it just me?


MrsGrumpy said...

It is not just you. I had to disable my spam blocker due to my job (kept rejecting orders from a major lender), and I was stunned by the amount of spam. Especially the ones that use a person's name, that you might even know, in the address line. I am bad enough about clearing out my inbox without that.

Autumn's Mom said...

Thankfully mine isn't quite that bad, but I do get a few every single day. Spam sux