Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Few Thank You's

Just want to send out a few thank you's out into the ethers....

A Big Thank you to Felicity at American Express Customer Support.
This morning I logged into my accounts to do my weekly financial tasks and found that there were charges on my card which I DID NOT MAKE! True these charges were small - $29 in total - but they still weren't mine and I don't want to think what the next "Not Mine" charges were going to look like.
So the next 30 minutes were spent in queue waiting to speak to a rep, and then Miss Felicity came on the line. She was so kind, quick and knowledgeable. Sure she had to put me on hold a few times while she filed the investigation report and made some other changes to my account I've been meaning to do for a while, but still she remained empathetic without too much sugar, if you know what I mean.
Not exactly what I wanted to deal with on a Sunday morning, but when there are GREAT customer support reps out there working the weekend, it makes it so much easier.

Thank you to Py and Jules for a really wonderful movie experience last night!
Our dear friend Py obtained some passes to a screening of a movie at our local International Jewish Film Festival but Py was not able to attend so they had some extra passes available. Being the great brother that he is, Py was covering a DJ'ing gig for his brother who had gotten in a very painful bicycle accident. Jules gave us a ring and we happily joined her and their daughter at the theater.
Noodle was the movie, and I cannot give it enough praise. Set in Israel, the film is mostly in Hebrew (obviously we watched it sub-titled). I'd add the trailer here, but I could only find a sub-titled version on the official movie site which is all in Flash so I can't link directly to it.
Noodle is a touching drama with comedic moments throughout about a twice-widowed flight attendant, Miri, who's life has been interrupted by a little something left behind by her Chinese house cleaner. The movie is about relationships, a grand adventure and the discovery of something thought to be lost.
The entire theater laughed and cried, and if I wasn't in that huge theater filled with people, I would have sobbed. But not to worry, it's not a heart crushing type of sob, but a joyous one. I had to contain myself to avoid the eye-rolling of the almost 12 year old sitting next to me. Gotta keep face with the kids you know!
If you have a chance to see this film at a screening or when it is hopefully released, I highly recommend it.


J at said...

I was glad you were able to come with us, and we both loved the film as well. Yay to Amex for getting your card straightened out as well!

Autumn's Mom said...

Glad there was a happy ending for the card...and how fun to see a screening! I'm jealous! :) Happy day

Love Bears All Things said...

I know how scary it is to realize someone has been using your credit. I'm glad it was resolved and cheerfully.
How lucky to have friends like Py & Jules.
I watched a subtitled film this weekend titled, Water. It was about the trials of women in the Hindu faith in India,particularly widowhood at age 7 and 9. I think it took place in an earlier time but still so sad to think these practices are taking place today. I love Netflix because of the opportunity to see foreign films and documentaries I might not hear of otherwise. I will add this one to my queue and see if it comes available.

Mama Bear