Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Yup, that's right. My cat's love their veggies!

They get an afternoon snack (when someone is home), and I've been wanting to introduce something healthier in that time slot then just more dry food.

Our vet has suggested that an all dry diet is being found to lead to feline diabetes as it is high in carbs. Especially with indoor kitties who aren't as active as outdoor kitties. Who knew?

We also have battles with puking with one and constipation with the other.... GOOOOD TIMES! If you ever see my carpet, please know that we shampoo it all the time and yes we will eventually get the wood floor in!

Trying to take advantage of their love of the veggies, we are trying to supplement their dry diet with some veggie fiber to aide in the puking pooping issues. (Yes, that's right, I'm writing about my cat's poo, get over it! Don't tell me you've never talked about your kids poo). So today I steamed up some broccoli (over cooked it really). They were yelling at me to feed them faster, so I put down two bowls filled with green stuff, and I half excepted they would both look up at me with that WTF look, but nope, they dug right in.

(And yes, they started with 2 bowls, but Mousy eats really fast and likes to help Cosmo clean up.)
They enjoy their fruits too....see here.


Autumn's Mom said...

How very healthy! hope the broccoli doesn't do to their tummy what it does to mine...tee hee

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

It would never have occurred to me that broccoli was safe to feed cats! But boy, look at them go!

Cherry said...

Safe? well it was organic if that's what you mean.

Angie said...

Kitty's Broccoli Gas isn't going to be fun!!

Did you feel crazy cooking for your cats? Whenever we have excess eggs, I make scrambled eggs for my dogs - they LOVE them. It makes me feel a little nuts, especially when my husband just watches me and shakes his head. Last time I did it? The dogs were jumping all over the kitchen knowing what was coming their way, so I put the bowls down, but the eggs were still really hot and they couldn't eat them......so I got down on the floor and started blowing on the eggs to cool them off. You should have seen my husband's face on that one!

Pets - they really are just like your kids.

P.S. My dogs love cooked or raw carrots too.

Karen MEG said...

Cherry, that is so cute! Your cats have such a healthy diet LOL! My brother-in-law's previous dog (rest his soul) used to love eating corn on the cob, right from the cob. He was a pro, that Brutus!

Your cats are beauties, BTW!

Love Bears All Things said...

I loved reading about your kitties. I had read that about dry food,kidney problems,too.
Smokey loves the Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys which have greens in them.
Are your kitties Russian Blues?
Mama Bear

Beenzzz said...

What sweeties! I need to get Izzie on a diet with fruits and veggies too. She'll turn up her nose and walk away though. She's such a finicky poo.