Thursday, March 06, 2008

Enough With The Kitty Diet Talk!

J's comment the other day about questioning the safety of giving broccoli to the kitties got me worried, so I went off on an Internet research tour. Turns out in large amounts it has been found to be toxic, but that is more like a diet based on broccoli, not the occasional treat. PHEW! Many raw pet diet guidelines, (yes, there are people out there who do the raw diet thing and even prepare raw diets for their pets) include a fair amount of broccoli as well. I noted a few people even commented that their dogs gnaw on raw broccoli stems to clean their teeth instead of using bones to avoid any bad bone fragment/internal bleeding mishaps.

I admit that these cats are not your normal run of the mill kitties. Besides their temperament, they have a great love for fruits and veggies. Corn on the cob is GOLD to them. They want to eat the husk, the silk and most definitely the kernels. They know when it's in the house, and have been known to rip through bags, have the fridge door shut on them if a little silk is hanging out of the crisper drawer, and yes... jump up on the table and walk off with a cob in their mouth. Don't ask me how, but its darn cute.

Summer time is their favorite, obviously for the corn but also melons of all sorts. Cosmo isn't skilled at taking bites of larger pieces of food, so we mince up chunks of melon for him. His all time favorite is watermelon, but not the whitish stuff by the rind, he'll turn his nose up at that. He wants the bright red, sweet heart of the most ripest melon, and yes, we give it to him. We always have watermelon in the house in the summer because I eat a ton for its yumminess and it is also high in iron (Anemic girl here!).

And go figure, if we steam it they will eat just about any veggie too. Squashes (winter and summer), green beans, edamame (especially in the pods!). Truly funny to watch, and a pain in the ass because they are in that kitchen whenever we are, and not just when the can opener is used or the sound of dry food being scooped up.

Oh, and just in case you REALLY were dying to know there were no kitty gas problems the other night. Mousy did loose his dinner a few hours later, but there wasn't any broccoli in there so I'm assuming he just ate it too fast which is normal for him. He successfully ate a 2nd dinner later that night.

Mama Bear - We used to think they were Russian Blues as they have a very similar temperament, but really they are mutt kitties and look and act very much like their mama who was another mutt kitty. One of them has the eye color and is slinky like a Russian, but this head is too fat, and the other has the build, fur and eye color more like a Chartreux. Who's to say really, they are my little blue babies no matter what (even though they weigh in at 14 pounds).


J at said...

Ha! When my brother was a wee lad (toddler aged) my mom used to put him on the floor, on a towel or something, to eat his corn on the cob. Don't as me why, because I don't know. But it always ended in a fight, with the cat stealing the corn, and Richard stealing it back, back and forth.

I went and did a little snooping the other day about cats and broccoli, and they specifically mentioned melon and corn as other cat faves. I never would have guessed. Well, except for the stories about my brother and the corn, but I kinda thought our cat was 'special' in that not good way.

J at said...

Don't as me why? I meant to say, Don't ask me why. Duh.

Autumn's Mom said...

hahaha "special" kitties.

Mama Bear...these aren't cats. They are DOGS disguised as cats!