Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not Sleeping

When I'm stressed I wake up around 2:30am and worry and think and toss and turn. Lately my back and neck have been giving me the run around so that has been waking me up and keeping me up, and then the thinking starts and the clock keeps ticking and then the sun comes up. So already the sleeping hasn't been going so well.

Generally it's only the staying asleep part that has been giving me troubles lately, until last night. Last night I opted for some extra pain meds before bed, but instead of being woken up I just didn't feel tired (Musta been the treat of a caffeinated soda I had at lunch!). I tried watching stupid TV to lull me. Then I read some blogs (not to lull me of course!). Chatted with a friend online until about 12:30am. Then I decided to do something dumb and check in on some stocks and options and thought about taxes and fun stuff like that (always a good thing to do when trying to sleep and not worry). None of that worked, so I got in bed and read(poor lovely trying to sleep with my lamp on, dawning an eye mask and ear plugs in). I managed to finish my book with a few tears, which are usually good at bringing on the sleep (Time Traveler's Wife borrowed from J and I LOVED IT!). By then it was 4am so I had BETTER fall asleep, and asleep I fell... until the alarm went off for Eric at 5:15am. AWESOME!

So after already having a few troubled nights of sleep with pain and stress, I had that weird night last night and managed to have a pretty productive day with NO CAFFEINE to ruin tonight. And yet.... here I am. 12:15am and I'm still awake.

Perhaps blogging right now isn't really helping. Maybe I'll try lying down instead. Yea, that might help!


Angie said...

Oh, Cherry - I call that "The 4 a.m. Angst", even though it doesn't always happen at 4 a.m. It happens to me all the time. Wake up, can't sleep, lie there and worry about anything you can think of, convince yourself your life, as you know it, is coming to a crashing demise - great way to start your day, huh? It's to the point now where as soon as it starts, I get up and find something to do, no matter what time it is!

J at said...

I'm glad you loved the book, but I'm sorry that you couldn't sleep. :(

Starshine said...

I hope sleep found you shortly after your head hit the pillow!

C said...

Hi Cherry!
I have those restless nights too every now and then. I find myself unable to fall asleep...even when I know I'm tired and need sleep! It's horrible!

I hope you sleep better tonight :) xoxo

Gina said...

I hope you are sleeping right now, my dear!

Beenzzz said...

I am so sorry to hear that you're having a hard time sleeping. That is the worst torture ever! I went an entire month without much sleep and I was a loopy emotional wreck!
My best advice is to get some ambien, have a cocktail, or get a massage.
Hope you sleep soon!

Love Bears All Things said...

Could have been the pain meds. I don't know what you have but Darvocet and Lortabs keep me awake.

That is a good book!
Mama Bear

Karen MEG said...

I hope you're sleeping a bit better now Cherry. I'm a fairly light sleeper (something about having kids does that to ya), so I've trained myself to get back to sleep after I'm awoken by the baby girl every night. But it's the worst if I can't fall back... esp. around 2 - 3 AM, witching hour. I'm a worrier, and that's when those worry worms come out too!

I've got a couple of those really small night light/reading lights that I use when the hubs is sleeping (clips to the book). That might help if you need to read at 3AM!