Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Putting my Face Out There

I've been finding myself reminiscing a lot lately. Mostly about the school years and loosing touch with friends. I am terrible at keeping in touch with people even if they live very close by. My co-workers tend to be my closest friends because I see them everyday. But then (oh about 10 years ago) with the growth in popularity of Instant Messaging, I was able to keep up with more friends so even though I didn't see them everyday they remained part of my everyday and therefore remained close. Of course this only seems to work out with my friends who are able to be online during the day.

What about the others?

In comes Facebook. I know, EEK! Yet another online community project? Well, my young'n co-workers kept talking it, plus a few of my good friends were on there and not wanting to be left out, I joined. Sure most of my "friends" on there started out being co-workers (masses of techy folks all up on the latest online thing), but then I found some bloggy friends, and then... childhood friends! (including one who I found out lives a few doors down from me!)

I've been having a good time finding out where people have ended up, and catching up a bit. I wasn't very involved in high school my final year (you know that most important Senior year), as I was dating someone out of high school and working, so I really failed to cement those relationships. Sure there are always friends from school who you grow apart from and many you never see again and that's cool. But these were some really great people, who I would like to know today, or at least be able to connect with again.

I kinda see the whole Facebook thing as a form letter type of blog where people can search and connect IF YOU WANT TO. People can stop by and see what you're up to, contact you if they want, or just leave a comment. Kinda like on here, except you can't ignore someone on the blog, it's out there for people to find if they want to find it. Sure there are tons of silly things on there, but you can use it how you want to use it. And since part of why I started the blog was to connect with people (from my past or future), I see it as a good thing.

Here's to friends! Old and New!


Update on the crap:
As J noted over here, as soon as you want to cut something out of your diet, it is exactly what you want! I really don't eat that much unhealthy stuff, but I do eat a whole lot of the stuff I should probably moderate. But man I keep thinking of fried stuff.

I did get up this morning to do some strengthening and stretching back exercises (I messed up my back and neck while I was recovery from surgery all slouch on the couch for 6 weeks), and I'm in the process of doing an hour long yoga session (with the TV, which is now paused because going from zero to 60 makes my head spin - literally, ok J, not literally but it does make me dizzy).


Starshine said...

It has been so fun to find people on Facebook I have totally lost touch with!

J at said...

Facebook is groovy, but if you hadn't noticed, I don't get into the whole superpoke stuff. But it's fun to know that if I want to get in touch with folks that way, I can.

And yay for yoga!

Laura said...

I didn't know you could do that with Facebook. I don't currently have an account, but maybe I will...once things aren't so much the way they are now and I won't have to spend a lot of time updating on the bad stuff. I totally agree with J on the cutting out of stuff.

Autumn's Mom said...

I like the different ways on the internet we can stay in long as it doesn't start to rule my life. I'm happy for blogs and IM cuz would we still be this close?? Maybe not. I'm as bad as you are about keeping in touch. Although I say that, and I have to tell you I just heard from a high school friend who's coming back to CA in June and we are going to hook up! wahooo!

C said...

I have to admit, I check my Facebook every day. LOL! I've removed a lot of the useless applications though. There's so much crap on there.

Facebook has been great in getting me back in touch with old friends and keeping in touch regularly with family and former students. I live on an island that is far away from everything and everyone from my old life. Facebook makes keeping in touch a lot easier :)

I started my blog to keep in touch with friends/students/family too. I've been keeping it a secret from my parents though. I know...I'm 32 and hiding my blog from my folks! LOL! Some of the things I write are things I would be mortified about if my parents read them. Maybe it's time to start a secret blog...

Angie said...

I haven't jumped into the facebook arena yet - mostly b/c my daughter and all her friends are on there and she would 'freak out' if her mom was on there!

I've checked it out a few times, but I can barely keep up with this blog, let alone another site.

Loved your list in the last post - I might borrow that and try to cut the crap, myself.

C said...

My Mom and Dad are on Facebook! LOL! Shhhhh! Don't tell them this, but Hubby and I put them on "limited" access! LOL! ;)

Karen MEG said...

FB, I used to be hooked, it was great for setting up playdates etc... and then you get addicted being nosy and all ("wow, she looks great still; him, oh, wow he hasn't aged well at all etc...)

...and then you get the old boyfriend who finds you and starts getting a bit creepy-ish... and then you're not on it so much, even though you've ignored the "friend" request...and then your husband starts hogging your laptop because he's hooked on Scrabulous...

It's weird, I'm pretty out there with my blog, but I have all these weird privacy feelings about my FB account.

And c, OMG, you are so hilarious!!

Cherry, maybe I'll look for you there;)