Friday, March 28, 2008

Mmmm Crap!

So today wasn't so good of a day. I woke up rather sore from yoga and with a headache, ate breakfast, took pain pills and went to work. Headache continued so I skipped on the yoga today, and instead went to my 3rd lunch out of the week (crap rule - only 2 lunches out per week).

I was hell bent on eating fried food (crap rule - No fried foods), so off we went in search of Fish N Chips (if i'm gonna crap on my crap I oughta do it right!), but the Irish pub we walked into only had beer. So we found a little burger joint and I got a sensible-ish sandwich, which I ate half of, and onion rings, which I again only ate half of even though re-heated onion rings are gross and I would usually justify eating all of something due its poor reheatability.

After being at work already later then I should, I was shown where to find a bowl of mini peanut butter cups, which is my favorite, and I wasn't feeling guilty yet so I had one. (Crap rule - no candy). I was on a roll! What? There are still some Girl Scout Cookies in the fridge? Well I can't have that.... Gone (but I had help with those).

Funny thing about this is that while I was realizing that I was crapping on my crap rules, I wasn't exactly feeling guilty but I wasn't feeling all high and mighty either. I was just feeling like I kinda want some crap today, so crap I got. At least I was making the conscience decision about putting the yummy crap in my body.

Before I left the office I did wander into the gym to do some weights and I had a bunch of asparagus for dinner, so at least I did some of the positive things on my list.

Perhaps my next list should include going to bed at a reasonable hour because once again, NOT SLEEPING! Quiet brain... Be Quiet! Maybe I should've done that yoga after all!


J at said...

I think you did fine. Not a big believer in the diet mentality of no crap. Makes me crave it more. But gosh, while you broke your rules, you still stopped eating when you were full, and you still got some exercise. Yay, you!

Too bad you're awake and posting at 1:20 in the morning. Blech.

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm sorry your not sleeping. I'm with J on not cutting out crap completely. But I think you did fine yesterday. :)

Angie said...

Take it easy on yourself - the crap is hard to give up. Seems like the more I restrict myself, the more I crave.

Life is hard, crap helps!

Just think, there are still a LOT of rules you didn't break from your list!

Hope you get some sleep tonight. Maybe a big glass of wine before bed? Or maybe that's just me justifying my wine.....haha

Starshine said...

Somehow I missed this post, but it made my heart smile. We are all so stinkin' human. I'm gonna go ahead and admit that my breakfast this morning was an apple fritter. I felt so guilty when I was eating it, but it tasted gooooood. I so want to get past the weight's hard, huh? What can I say, I got junk in my trunk, and I likely always will. It's part of my charm. ;)

Starshine said...

Mrs. G wrote a great post today on this very subject! She's so funny:

Love Bears All Things said...

I have days like this and its usually after I get into bed that I remember all the crap and start to feel guilty thus insuring my staying awake awhile.
Mama Bear