Monday, March 24, 2008

Cutting the Crap... for 2 weeks

Last December I had decided I was going to challenge myself to CUT THE CRAP for 30 days. My friend Liz said she'd do it too so we talked about defining what the crap is first. We chatted about it a few times but never wrote down our lists. Last week she said she's going to try for 2 weeks starting after Easter and then see how things are going. Seeing as I am becoming increasingly irritated at the thigh/butt growth but have done nothing about it, I'm in. And since accountability is worth more then my word to myself, here goes:

CUTTING THE CRAP! (and some general healthy living goals)
  • no candy
  • no soda (including diet!)
  • no fried foods
  • no fatty foods
  • no fast food
  • healthy snacks ok - in moderation - nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, veggies,etc.
  • limited red meat - no more then 2 times per week
  • at least one veggie side dish at dinner
  • at least one piece of fresh fruit per day
  • don't eat when not hungry/stop when full
  • breakfast everyday
  • work lunch - eating out no more then 2 times per week (saves $ and calories)
  • water - 2 liters a day
  • cardio - 3 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • strength - 2 times per week
  • assigned back exercises - 3 times per week
  • up to 3 treats per week (moderately sized and using good judgment of course)

Now some of you my note that I made cupcakes yesterday and planned on bringing them into the office today and yes... this personal challenge means I can't even have one of those coconutty goodies which are not too sweet and perfectly dense but not too dense and are sitting within my view. Oh sure, I could have one as a treat but I'm stronger then that and might NEED it more nearer the end of the week! When we were talking about our personal lists (we each have slightly different ones), I mentioned that I was going to bake this weekend and Liz suggested that we could eat it if we made it but I see that as a dangerous loop hole so I'm going to just leave those yummy treats over there for the masses, besides I still have a bowl of leftover frosting at home and I TOTALLY MADE THAT!

It's only 2 weeks (no redbull? My only form of caffeine? Really?) I'll be ok, I know I will. (Most of Dim Sum is steamed right? That makes it healthy, doesn't it?) It's only 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks... we'll tackle portion control.

What crap would you cut out?


Autumn's Mom said...

I'd cut the crap and quit lying to myself that I'm going to start eating healthier tomorrow. That I'm going to stop drinking soda tomorrow. That I'm not going to eat candy and peanut butter filled pretzels tomorrow.

SIGH Cheers to your two week challenge! Cheering you from the sidelines :)

Starshine said...

Hmmm. I'd have to cut out sodas, probably.

J at said...

I'd cut out the snacking at my desk. I look down and the food is gone, and I don't even remember eating it. If that's not wasted calories, I don't know what is. So I'm cutting that. :)

Liz said...

I have to eat breakfast?? Aw man! ;) Just kidding... You KNOW I'm in.

Kim said...

What no candy? My house is overflowing with easter candy! Hmmm maybe I can accidently throw it away....maybe Dylan won't notice! HA HA

Py Korry said...

I'm not a big crap eater, but I would say chips. I could do that.

Karen MEG said...

The one thing I'm actually not too bad at is unhealthy snacks and don't like pop. Mind you, I should eat healthier, like more fruit, more calcium foods. And I should cut back on coffee!

Good for you and good luck Cherry!

Beenzzz said...

I'd probably cut out the Easter candy! I'm such a chocoholic!!!

C said...

Woo hoo!! That's awesome, Cherry! Good look and I know you'll do great! Hubby and I don't eat badly, but we're changing our eating habits. What we eat isn't bad for us...but it's the portion sizes! For example, we'd eat a chicken breast each instead of only 3 oz of chicken. We'd have a plate of spaghetti instead of only 1 cup of spaghetti.

What I've started doing is plating our food instead of letting Hubby help himself from the pot. I basically put our 1 cup (or 1 fistful) of carbs (rice, potato, pasta), 3 oz of meat and the rest (which is usually 1/2) of the plate is veggies...mostly greens.

I've decided that we need to get healthier as well. Hooray for you on doing this!! What a great idea!