Monday, November 13, 2006

Verbal Processor

Tracy at The Star Shine Report posted a MeMe that noted that she is a Verbal Processor. I am currently fascinated by this term, as I have been at a loss to understand why it is that I feel the need to talk EVERYTHING through with someone or at least write it down.

I have often felt a burden to my friends, and that my need to talk my thoughts out was a weakness. I truly feel that I question my decisions until I talk them out. I don't have to actually talk to someone in person either, most of the time I can do so via online chat and sometimes no one has to be on the other end at all, and I feel better and more clear by just writing my thoughts down.

I found this on
If you’re a verbal processor, you may know intuitively that until you say something aloud or at least move your lips, you’re not quite certain of your thoughts or their implications.

This is so me.

I am also the type of person that learns by doing, even if it means having a discussion about a topic, rather then just listening. I have always struggled with listening, as I want to repeat what I've heard and interject, perhaps this is my way of really understanding what is being said to me. I have always struggled in lecture scenarios, but thrive in discussion style classes, and maybe knowing that I am a verbal processor will help me understand why one scenario works more then another.

I'm finding it exhilarating that everyday I'm learning more about myself through this blogging thing. Thank you Tracy for helping me accept a part of me that has always been there but I didn't quite understand.


Py Korry said...

Did you get a chance to glance at the book I loaned Eric (i.e., The Female Brain)? I think the verbal processing that your brain goes through to understand things more clearly is explained in that book as well.

Gina said...

I think I am a verbal processor only with certain people. Does that count?

I'm glad that helped you to gain some knowledge about yourself.

Tracy said...

That's awesome, Cherry! I truly love the way I've benefitted from my blogging community. There is something so interesting about feeling a kinship with my blog buddies even though we've never met. I learn from them, share with them, and grow as a result of the process. Thanks for sharing your life with us through your blog!

J said...

I didn't know what a 'verbal processor' was either, but hearing the term, I would have thought, "Oh, like Cherry." :) All of us to some level, maybe, but some more than others.

ML said...

I'm with you on the learning by doing part. Sitting and listening does nothing for me. It's just how you are and I'm glad you now understand your learning process :)