Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Looking to Jump Ship

I like Blogger, I even like the beta and I really like that it is all hosted for free, but I'd like to be able to have more of an actual website, with multiple pages, and the ability to access files. So I'm thinking of jumping ship. Perhaps going the externally hosted route (since I'd rather not pay for the bandwidth or the utilities to run a web server out of our house, but maybe it really is cheaper in the long run, I dunno).

Now I am also considering a different publishing tool. Lots of people are using WordPress and TypePad, but I'm comfy with Blogger. I might just have to try them all out, which will take time and patience. And of course there are some open source utilities out there too, and I could build my own but why re-invent the wheel (and I obviously have so much free time on my hands to undertake such a challenge).

So since I'm considering shaking things up a bit I am also considering changing up a few things. Obviously I want to change my template. I have been so limited with photo sizes by using this stock one, and I really don't like it... it just worked and I didn't have to deal with it looking differently in different browsers. I have also been considering adding some additional anonymity by changing up some names that are used. Not that many people read this, but I've been thinking more about the "future" and have noted that a standard practice in hiring a person is looking for info about them via a search engine. I try not to write much about things that might look negatively on me especially about work, but I can't please everyone so maybe a touch more secrecy would be smart. Plus then there is the kid stuff to factor in, whenever that happens (You note that I am a planner and am already thinking about that stuff). But that isn't really a me thing to do. I'm just so gosh darn open.

So if this becomes a more anonymous type site, which I don't really see happening, then I need to pick a domain name that doesn't include my first name. If I jump and go all incognito, then it doesn't makes sense to link back here. Or do I really care? So much to think about. So much to consider.

Have you jumped?
What kinds of things did you consider when you made the switch?
Feelings about staying in the shadows versus putting it all out there?


ML said...

I haven't jumped yet. Sometimes blogger really pisses me off, but for the most part, I like it for what I need to do. However, if you want to do more, then by all means, jump ship! However, you better tell us where you're going, missy :-)

J said...

I know one person who jumped ship, copied her posts somewhere, and deleted her blog. She emailed people to tell them where her new blog is, and that's that. I assume someone got ahold of it that she didn't want to have it, but who knows for sure.

Ally Bean said...

I know of two bloggers who in the last month have gone private, invitation only in their blogs. One is on Blogger and one is on Typepad. One went underground for work related reasons and the other went secret because of family issues.

I don't put it all out there, and am very selective about how I say things. Just about everyone I know in real life knows about my blog, so I have to keep it "pure" (for lack of a better word).

starshine said...

If you do set up shop at a new location, do let us know!

Gina said...

You know me, I'm all about the anonymity. It is possible to be somewhat open yet still not tell the entire world your last name and such. I figure if people don't respect my choice in doing that, then I don't really want them reading me.