Friday, November 17, 2006

Pie Contest Update

Participation in the pie contest is low (likely many people going on vacation next week), so another email was just sent out to rally the troops and it gave me a chuckle so here is an excerpt:
Individuals who are capable or willing to bake a pie, risk public ridicule and who are not current participants in other pie contests should enter the pie contest NOW!

Let us know that you're one of the cool kids by bringing in a pie.

1. Pie must be homemade by employee or family member
2. Store bought crusts are ok, but looked down upon
3. Pie must be edible.
4. Pot Pies ok (the kind with chicken)
5. Steak and kidney pie also ok, but guaranteed not to win a prize.
6. Pi = 22/7 is neither a good approximation nor an valid entry.
You so know that I want to make a steak and kidney pie now!

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ML said...

Rules, rules, rules! Blah!