Monday, November 06, 2006


Well CARP (really its crap but I often miss type it, so it's become an inside joke with those I IM with regularly, and now you're on the inside so go with it already.)

I missed a day of NaBloPoMo. I admit it. I also admit I considered back dating a post, but I shall be honest and admit that I blew it. Oh well. Life happens.

And oh what a yummy life we had yesterday (instead of posting). Eric went to JAM with Py, so I went to hang out with J and Maya (and yes I find it odd that I'm using code names for our friends, but using their daughter's real name). We took a lovely walk to Best Buy and Maya bought herself a new game for her Nintendo DS. She bought Sims2, and seeing as I am one of the many that are obsessed with Sims2, Maya and I bored J to death as we chatted like little girls about the game. Seeing as Maya is a little girl, it was appropriate for her, but me being the 32 year old semi-computer geek that I am... well, it was just fun.

I too had every intention to buy the new Sims2 Pets expansion pack this weekend, but I resisted as really...I can't afford it right now, and its not worth going on the credit card. Food, emergency house repairs, Gasoline to get me to work... those can go on the card, but not a game that is a little stress relief, a little stress producer, and a whole lot of "time suck" (thanks J for the new description). I've also found that I tend to turn to the Sims when I'm depressed and looking for an escape, so its probably not good to facilitate that pattern by buying a new game right now. J also reminded me that there are holidays coming up and that maybe right now is not the best time to be buying myself a gift.

J is very wise.

Then J cooked us a lovely lovely dinner from recipes she got from Py's cousin, Stealthybean, and she crafted a salad with greens, mandarin oranges, green apples & pomegranate dressed in a Blue Cheese vinaigrette. YUM!

It's important to keep good friends close. Especially ones that can cook. Thanks J, Py and Maya for a wonderful day.


J said...

Now if I could only convince Maya of the benefits of waiting until after the holidays to make such purchases, I think many people would be happier. ;) Oh well.

It was lovely to have you both over yesterday, but I will confess that the next time the Sims topic comes up, I'm bringing a book. I'm starting a book challenge (See tomorrow's exciting post!), so that will be my excuse for being so rude. ;)

Maya's Granny said...

Isn't my J a wonderful cook? She does me proud.

lalunas said...

Sounds like a lovely Sunday. Good friends and good food. What more could you ask for.

Tracy said...

Sounds awesome. I had no idea Stealthy Bean is Py's cousin. She comments on my blog and I comment on hers, but I didn't know we became blog buddies via J and Py. Fun to make those connections. It really is a web, isn't it?!

beenzzz said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with J and Maya. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the salmon and rice. The salad that J made sounds absolutely FABULOUS!!! I'm salivating just thinking about it!

Ally Bean said...

Your Sunday sounds like fun, and I don't think that missing a day of posting because you had fun should count against you. Of course, I'm not making the rules for NaBloPoMo so what do I know?!!

Gina said...

A good time was had by all! Wonderful!

And I know it looked like I missed a day (which J called me on) but I sooooo pinkie swear that I posted it on Friday! I wrote it on Thursday and I just didn't change the date when I put it up!

How are the wedding plans going, my friend?

ML said...

I always mistype crap as well ;)

py Korry said...

It's always fun getting together with you! Dinner was really yummy, too!