Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dress Code

This morning I was forced to find clothes to wear to the office that did not include jeans. NO JEANS? WHAT ON EARTH WILL I WEAR?

The project team is going out after work for a little celebration with a dinner cruise on the bay. I've never been on one, and apparently neither have many of my co-workers as we were all shocked to be told of a dress code. A DRESS CODE! No Jeans, no shorts, no t-shirts. Pretty basic really, but I have sort of let things go a tad, and I haven't touched 90% of my wardrobe for at least 6 months because... most of it doesn't fit, and I've gotten lazy. Such the dilemma.

I do admit I've become a bit of a slob in my non-girly, I work in software so why do I need to wear anything fancier than jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops everyday sort of dressing, and it has been weighing heavy on my psyche. Giving up on one's looks, does not play well into a healthy self-esteem. Sure. Sure. I still spend way too much money on fancy hair care products and cuts and highlights, but I never do anything with it. I get out of the shower, brush it, and fly out the door with it wet. And rarely does any make-up land on my face even though I own the basics.

This morning my bedroom was suddenly covered in almost every item of clothing in my closet that wasn't a t-shirt or jeans. I tried on all of it. I settled on a cute outfit but then realized that I didn't have shoes to go with the skirt except flip flops. Darn. But amazingly... with the help of some "constricting" undergarments, I was able to wear a pair of black, stretchy cropped pants that I don't think look too stretched out, if you know what I mean. Throw on a pair of sandals that are work appropriate, and one of the 3 cute tops that I own and bam! Suddenly I feel like wearing make-up and pulling out the curling iron.

Though I have no money to shop (yea yea, money woes, who doesn't have them), I would like to find a way to start paying more attention to me without going on a shopping spree. I would like to remember that I am a girl. That although we say that looks don't matter, and that the work I produce speaks for itself, I really should dress a little nicer at work and in my everyday life. Show that I do care about how I present myself. Maybe it'll help me at work, and in my head.


beenzzz said...

I bet you can still wear jeans,t-shirts, and flip flops to work, just change your hair from up do's to down do's every couple and days and put on a little make up. That usually works for me. Pick one day a week when you'll wear a fancier outfit too. :)

py Korry said...

If you start dressing up, people are going to think that you're looking for another job. :-)

J said...

Do I need to nominate you for "What Not To Wear", so you can get a whole new wardrobe?

Are you uncomfortable in the undergarment?

I remember when you would come to work with your hair all cute and curled and in cute clothes. Ah, the good old days. Most days, I can't be bothered either. But I'm trying.

Gina said...

You know, a fun lipgloss and some mascara can go a long way in helping the girlie factor without being a pain.

I used to work in a similar environment, although I have to say I never got tired of it because I would have to conduct interviews and training sessions every so often, and so never got into a total trend of always dressing down.

ML said...

For years we could wear jeans to work (my mother was so displeased "dis is wha yuh wear to wuk, today?"
Anyway, about a year ago, we were told that no more jeans are to be worn to work. It was to be strictly business casual. Interesting how it made me feel a bit better to put some effort into my wardrobe. Some days I dislike getting dressed up, but most of the time, I like it. You should see me on the weekends, though...I'm a bum :)