Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Whine Whine Whine

Look out people... I am cranky and whiney today (ok I have been for a few weeks, and it was peaking yesterday but I tried to contain it until I unleashed it out onto J. I'm Sorry J!) .

I'm burnt. I don't wanna do anything. On Sunday in an attempt to not study, I even booted up my beloved SIMs and was bored with them within 2 minutes. Why do I want to make these computer "people" do stuff if I can't even seem to do anything myself right now. I'm a lump. A lump on a log. I'm tired, and I do nothing about it.

Exercise will make ya feel better!
Yea, I know. But that would require me to leave the couch, and I'm really really good at making excuses.

Uh Huh. I know it totally works for me, and even better if I combine it with exercise and do me some good yoga.

But alas, reading blogs, whining about my bum-ness, watching ill produced TV shows, looking at catalogs which I will never buy anything out of, sitting in a car for my long ass commute, then sitting in a very "neutral" cloth covered cubicle with barely a glimpse of the outside world, avoiding studying for a class I have lost interest in (which finally ends tonight), takes up so much of my day that I hardly have time to take care of myself. Thank goodness I can fail my final tonight so I can be done with that class.

As my darling friend over at Autumn's Mom reminds me, "tomorrow is another day". Perhaps I will turn myself around this month, my birthday month (oh GOD, not another birthday to remind me of my failure of "the Plan"). Wait a minute, there can be no perhaps. I will. I must.


J said...

Well, sometimes IM is bad, because we can misunderstand each other, but sometimes it's good for the same reason. I didn't even know you were grumpy with me. Of course, maybe that was the champagne affecting me. ;)

I agree, exercise is the BEST solution...I don't like to do it either, but it always lifts my mood. Maybe a walk with the iPod is in order? Crank some tunes, or listen to your NPR?

Gina said...

Cherry, I hope you fell better soon. Being in a rut sucks.

I've been in one for a while, so I'm not really one to offer advice!

lalunas said...

After you finish your class there will be a great sense of relief. Then slowly you will feel more like yourself.

Tracy said...

"not another birthday to remind me of my failure of 'the Plan'"

How about, "Another year to appreciate the steps I've taken toward my future." -or- "Another year to make positive changes"???

Don't be so hard on yourself! Sometimes "the plan" needs to be held very loosely! :)

Ally Bean said...

it's August. don't take how you feel personally. it's all this stupid month's fault. come September you'll be a-ok. just wait and see.

or at least that's what i'm telling myself. :-)