Thursday, August 03, 2006

Let the summer eating fest begin!

My brother and sister-in-law are coming for a visit next week. They moved up to Victoria, BC a few years ago and I miss them desperately. We have almost always lived close to one another, and one activity that was at least a weekly standard was cooking fabulous meals together, or going out to eat.

My brother is a MEAT man, and my sister-in-law has been a semi-vegetarian ever since she lived in Mexico because the meat down there... not so clean. She found that the abundant, high quality and cheap veggies and seafood were far more appetizing. My Eric is a VEGGIE at heart, but does love his meat from time to time, so we cook lots of vegg in our house with a sampling of meat here and there. I miss being able to cook up big meat dishes, and BBQ and push them onto my brother. Now? We can't get through a tri-tip before having to toss it. With my brother... that baby would be gone in one sitting.

Next Wednesday they will start the drive south for a visit. They don't have a date they have to go home, so they are going to stay until they feel like leaving (how awesome is that!) He has to work, and she has a friend that just had a baby so she's going to help her out during the day. That means we're going out to eat or cooking a yummy meal almost every day for the next 2 weeks (of course unless they have plans or something).

I've been looking forward to this ever since they mentioned a possible trip a few months ago. In the back of my mind I have kept a running list of things we must do while they are here (note, it is all food related):

Places we will go out to eat:
  • Korean BBQ - some place in Oakland we go to but never remember the name
  • SUSHI - Yanagi Sushi, Concord
  • Mediterranean - The Mediterranean, Concord
  • Indian - Sargam Indian Cuisine, Walnut Creek
  • Chinese Buffet - Buffet City, Concord
  • The best Chinese food in NoCal - O'Mei's in Santa Cruz
  • Napa - anywhere, its Napa... Everything is good!

Stuff I want to make:
  • BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Duck with a Cherry Gastric
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Steak & Scallops
  • Some tasty pasta dishes
  • Sourdough bread
  • Pizza
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Apricot Cobbler
  • Plum Tart
  • Shortbread
Oh how I love having company! MMm Mmmm


J said...

OK so now my brain is all...oh, I have to think of MORE places for you to idea, Katy's Kreek in Walnut Creek, or their sister restaurant, Katy's Corner in San Ramon. Yummy breakfasts AND lunches! Mmmm. Banana pancakes. Tons of benedicts. Yummy chinese chicken salad, with strawberries in it. Omlettes. And Huevos Rancheros! Yummy!

laluna said...

Oh my goosh, all the stuff you want to make sounds sooooo good. Some of the restaurants mentioned we must try..

Maya's Granny said...

Can I come and eat with you for a while? It all sounds so delicious.

Ted said...

Have you tried Saroor on N. Main in Walnut Creek? They have good Indian food, too.

I have to try Yanagi and I'm willing to make the trip to Santa Cruz for O'Mei's if it's really that good! :-)

Sounds like you have a good time planned!

Autumn's Mom said...

mmm O'Mei! You guys are gonna have a great time :)

Tracy said...

How fun! I love it when good times with family and friends revolves around food!!! Time around the table is sweet time, indeed!

Oh, and can I come over for dinner? ;) Your menus sound fabulous!

Gina said...

It sounds like you could have quite the crowd over at your house if you keep on posting stuff like this, Cherry!