Monday, August 28, 2006

Birthday buddies and yummies

Yesterday I tried to forget my bitterness of having to work 6 very long days (we're talking getting lucky to see Eric awake), and looked forward to a day of sleeping in, naps, and seeing some friends who I don't get to see nearly enough. Since its hard to get people together, I opted to pull out the birthday card (it wasn't yesterday, but its close enough).

The day started off with sleeping in until 8am, and then laying about until I heard my cell phone ring. With that ring, I knew my friend Amy was up and calling to see when we could get together for brunch. Amy and I used to work together, but she left the high-tech corporate world to start a landscaping design business. She is also very good at keeping contact with friends from college, plus she has a boyfriend, so getting her alone is quite a feat and needs to be scheduled far out in advance. She drove out to my house, and we went to a small neighborhood cafe for a healthy dose of butter, cream, grease and loads of catching up. Mmm Mmm Eggs Benedict.

After brunch, and good-byes, I don't think Amy had even driven away before I was back in bed with kitties curled up around me. I thought Eric would join me for a lazy Sunday cuddle, but if he did, I didn't know it. Around 4:30pm, he woke me up to tell me it was time to get ICE CREAM!Some of our dear friends met us in Oakland for some old fashioned creamery eats and HUGE ice cream sundaes at Fenton's. It was a lot of fun, and we all definitely got our fill of ice cream. Now I'm a huge fan of ice cream, but I go to this place for their caramel sauce. How can I not love a creation that contains my 3 favorite foods; Cream, Butter and Sugar.

They make all of the ice creams and the fudge and caramel sauces on site, in a kitchen where you can watch all the goodness coming together. J and PK's daughter, Maya, and her friend spent a good part of the evening watching the making of many 5 gallon cartons of ice cream (its just so uncool to hang out with adults). And then of course the little man that catches my eye every time I see him, Tman stole the show when the sundaes were delivered and he put out his hand and said "Cherry?". I think he got his fill of cherries that night, because who can resist that smile?Between the good friends, the tasty eats and the naps, it was a great way to celebrate the day I was born.

Check out more pictures of ICE CREAM fun by clicking on my flicker badge over there on the right or here.


Amers said...

Dlad we got to get together, and that you go to go to Fenton's, too! What a food day!

J said...

Happy Birthday, Missy! Hope your day today is as great as Sunday was! :)

Gina said...

Happy Happy Birthday Cherry!

I am so glad I have gotten to "know" you!

I think I might be a teeny bit late with this, but the sentiment is just as heartfelt.

Autumn's Mom said...

Happy birthday C. Hope you still have room for gelato!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, Cherry! I'm hungry for some icecream now! :)

Maya's Granny said...

Happy Birthday, Cherry.
J is right -- that is a huge banana split.