Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I so didn't fail!

Yes this is a blatant patting myself on the back post which runs on longer then anyone cares, and by no means is it a plea for yipees, congratulations, hoorays, or the like.

Ok, I didn't exactly excel, but somehow I didn't fail my final.

There were only 5 people left enrolled in the class come the last night (might say something about the difficultly, or the teacher, or both), and one of the 5 had done so well that he didn't need to take the final. Disgusting really, as he works full time doing the shit we were learning and knew more up to date information then the instructor.

When I got the final I looked over the 3 pages. Decided that I might actually be able to pull this one off. 'Hold on tight! Here we go!'

I flew through the first 2 pages, leaving one question completely blank. There was no need to even consider it, I didn't know the answer. Then that last page. Oh, the evil page of questions that you actually have KNOW everything from the class to be able to pull these babies off. I answered some, and put down partial answers for the others just to see if I could scrape some sympathy points.

I don't know how but I was the first to turn it in. I asked if I could wait for it to be graded, so he pulls out his red pen.
Dirty look - He calls me up to review the one I skipped, and when I say I didn't answer it on purpose, he rolls his eyes.
Scribble, Scribble (we're onto the last page here)

He motions for me to come back up. Oh my. 35.5 out of 40! That isn't' failing at all! Then I point out to him that he scored the whole last page incorrectly, they were worth 2 points each, not 1. Can I stab myself in the back any harder? He adjusts my score, but still didn't weigh them all 2 points so I only lost one additional point, but this time I let it slide. Maybe he was just being nice.

Phew! My summer can now begin. Am I taking a class in the Fall? HELL NO!

(Bringing back memories anyone?)


Autumn's Mom said...

Can I just say YIPEE! yay that you passed. and Yay that we don't have to go through this in the fall. hahaha

J said...

Congrats! I suspect you finished first because you skipped a page. ;) That's faster than answering. I'm thrilled for you, though, that you got through it all in one piece!

Gina said...

Any math-related final would turn me into a lump of quivering jelly by the end.

I know the feeling, but I don't think I ever scored as high as you did! I think I barely passed the "easy" liberal arts math required for graduation.

Good for you!

Ally Bean said...

This is me not saying yipee, congratulation, hooray, or the like. Because if I said any of those I'd be doing exactly what you asked us not to do. See, I can follow instructions.