Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Degrees of Separation

This afternoon I was looking for something to keep me from working, and no one on my blogroll had updated since my last moment of needing to avoid work. But today, almost everyone had gotten out a morning post so I had nothing to entertain me while I fought off the post lunch food-coma. So instead, I went to each blog anyway, to see if there were interesting new comments (I freakin love the interaction of the comments).

On a whim I surfed over to the blog of Amy who commented on a Gina's blog. I was immensely entertained by Amy's post about her dealings with her kids in the park that I had to surf to the blog of Melissa, who Amy noted in her post that I (being the reader) must go check out. As I was holding in my laughter from reading Melissa's blog, I thought how could I have not found these awesome writers before? So funny, so real, so well written. I must see who they read.

I checked out Melissa's blogroll, and there were a few links that came up different colors. Oh look she reads some of the same ones I have read. Huh? Wait, I've seen some of these names before. She reads Matt at Childsplayx2 along with some of the same blogs that are on his blogroll. Now Matt has the longest blogroll of anyone I know, but I'm in there, way down there in the Non-Mommy blogs section.

Me --> Gina --> Amy --> Melissa -->Matt --> Me

What is that? 4 degrees of separation? It's a circle. A circle I didn't know about. Isn't the blogosphere cool!

(yes I realize this post makes me sounds like a 13 year old girl that shops at Hot Topic... maybe I'll see Ted there!)


Gina said...

Yes, we are all connected by only a few clicks, aren't we?

That is the kinda cool thing about the blogosphere.

Ally Bean said...

I love finding bloggers the way you did. Every once in awhile I treat myself to that kind of blog surfing and am always amazed by who is connected to whom.

And I love reading the comments, too. Like gina said, it's "the kinda cool thing about the blogosphere."

J said...

You're famous!

Ted said...

Like I told Dot, I've got a 15% discount card for my next Hot Topic purchase! If you're game, I'm in! :-)

laluna said...

Isn't it cool how we connect. Hey I can breathe in this Blogosphere.

Melissa said...

Hmmmm...that is a neat thing....especially since i clicked over here from my site meter. Very cool how it all works out.

I love finding new sites too. I will come back later to read more.

Oh and thanks for linking to me.