Sunday, November 04, 2012

Time for some introductions

Since it's been a while since I posted and I had forgotten my daughter's pseudonym so I went back and read some old posts. LilMiss. That's right. I'll try to remember that. Of course I also just put up her picture which I don't remember if I had some rule against doing...oh well.

On to introducing our new member of the family and the little guy currently asleep on my chest/lap ( I really should put him down in his bed but he's just so warm and cuddly!). In writing, I refer to him as LD, short for 'Little Dude'. I called him this in utero so it has just stuck. We learned he was a he at my 13week ultrasound and confirmed at the 18 week ultrasound and he's been Little Dude ever since, well except to LilMiss who refers to him as 'Baby Brother'. We're a very literal family (her stuffed animals are also named Kitty, Little Bear, Big Brown Bear, Pig, Blue Dog.... You get the idea)

LD is actually named after our siblings which we didn't have intentions of doing but when you get handed a deadline of "I need the birth certificate form filled out in 30minutes" when we thought we had a few more days we kind of panicked. This idea of naming him after my brother and Eric's sister had been bounced around for a while but we couldn't settle until the deadline hit. Naming your kid after a sibling seemed odd and confusing at first but now it just makes sense for him. I think it also helps us since we live far from our siblings and miss them both. Brings them a little closer.

LilMiss and LD's first meeting

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J at said...

I do adore this picture, and these babies of yours are sweet and gorgeous, are they not? We approve of your naming convention, as my sister is Maya, and Ted's sister's middle name is Amrita. :)