Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2.5 going on 13

'Super cute', 'Sweet', 'Adorable', 'Awesome'; All words I regularly gush when I'm talking about LilMiss.

And in the last few weeks I have added 'cheeky' and 'ornery'.

She's still a loving sweet girl but man the tantrums, the blatant rule breaking, the laughing when mommy is at her wits end, the WHINING, the repetitively asking for something over and over again, the refusal to share. Ahhhh

On top of it all, we're potty training and I really really want to be all cool and supportive with accidents but man at the end of the day when everyone is tired and it's past LDs bedtime and he's screaming, I do not always keep my cool. Especially when I find panties with poop in them from an earlier accident (cool lost on the person who left them there not the one who pooped in them). And then tonight with the 3rd pee accident of the day as she pee's in the closet. Maybe I was disappointed as we had had no accidents for a week even during the night and naps. I got cocky. I seem to loose it more with regards to her fighting hand washing. That's not an accident. That's being 2. I hate when I loose my cool. Ugh the guilt.

I am not looking forward to 3 or 13. Can I get a patience upgrade please?

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