Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Call for Meal Ideas

I have house guests for the next 2 weeks. One week is just adding my Mother In Law to the chaos here but for the other week we also have Eric's sister's family staying with us. That's 3 more adults, and 2 girls (13 and 8). Never mind the a accommodations/bathroom/transportation resources part and ending the visit all happy and still am I going to feed everyone?

I imagine every other day grocery trips as I only have a side by side fridge and a chest freezer (currently empty and unplugged).

As a fun bonus, the girls are all picky eaters and Eric's sister prefers no pork (which is the main meat in this house), and any other meat be sourced from farms practicing free range, organic, humane husbandry and really she and her mom prefer vegetarian or fish based meals. Oh yea, and I'm not rich either.

Please pass on any ideas you have for easy to prepare meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner!). And also prep ahead type stuff. I have almost a week of MIL help before the rest arrive so she can at least entertain the baby (I hope) while I do as much prep stuff as I can. Tough part is LilMiss is going to want to help the whole time too. Weee

I don't even want to think about the dishes. OMG


J at said...

Lentil soup with good crusty bread. Ina Garten has a good recipe.

Chicken parmesean and rice.


I vote that you give your MIL or SIL directions to Lunardis or Whole Foods, and let them pay for the fancy meat.

J at said...

My other thought was to ask what kinds of cereal and such they like, buy some, and let them make their own breakfast. You could do something similar with lunches, by having various sandwich stuff in the house. :) Cheese and bread for grilled cheese, salami for the pig eaters, turkey and tuna maybe. Then if they want something else, they can go to the store and buy it.

Issas Crazy World said...

Let them buy food. Heh.

I like J's idea of chicken Parmesan. Hmmm, you could do steak fajita salad. Enchiladas. Mmmm. Remember that they will want to eat out some so don't over plan. Go with Pizza one night. Try not to over stress about it.