Friday, November 09, 2012


LilMiss has become exceptionally clingy to me lately. I expected it after giving birth to her brother but now, 3 month later it is hitting hard.

"Do you want to go to the playground with daddy or go with me..."
"Go with you Mama!"
"But you don't know what I'm doing"
"GO WITH YOU!" And the tears and foot stomping begin.

Anytime I'm doing something not involving LD, "Help you Mama? I want to help you!"

And lately I've been getting LD to bed earlier so I can be a part of her bedtime but it seems to have backfired as now she doesn't want me to in she wants me to sleep with her. And the screaming to the point of gagging begins.

Last week I could tell her "Mommy is going to bed give me snuggles!" And she'd run to me and hug and kiss me and say "Night! See you morning!" And then run back to her daddy for her bedtime routine of teeth and hair brushing, stories and songs.

She's been waking in the middle of the night screaming for me. Waking from naps screaming for me. Has a tantrum if I'm not the one making her a snack or a meal.

It's kind of awesome to be so needed/wanted and then again ....

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J at said...

Sorry you're going through this. Yes, it's nice to be loved so much. Maya went through some of this, even without a little brother to compete for attention. It was frustrating. Sigh. This too shall pass.