Monday, November 05, 2012

Poor Pup

I had thought of a number of lovely topics or stories to write about for today but my brain and heart are now hurting for my neighbors, whose blind sweet dog was just attacked by a raccoon. By the sounds of it, the raccoon did not let go for quite a few minutes.

Eric tried to help (and ripped the chain lock off our door in the rush to assist) but he was torn if he should run into/through the neighbors house without warning.

Elizabeth came running to me saying she was scared and at one point hid under the table.

Not thinking, I ran outside holding the baby and handed him off to Eric as if I could somehow help more. Of course then realizing I just left my scared daughter hiding under the table by herself.

Cosmo, my cat who hasn't been feeling well today and I thought I'd be taking him to the emergency vet tonight, seemed to perk up with the excitement and then proceeded to freak out along with the rest of us, also cowering under the table.

They took the dog to the emergency vet. I just hope he's ok.

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J at said...

ACK! How horrid! And of course, you and Eric should NOT intervene, just in case the raccoon was rabid. But how sad for the poor dog! I hope it's OK. :(