Monday, November 12, 2012

"Dealing" with the Dump Zone

Part of preparing for The Guests includes cleaning up our dump zone of a home office and figuring out how to make it a guest room for at least 2 adults, and maybe one young lady but that's likely pushing it.

By dump zone I mean, anything we have in the house we don't want the kid to get into, it goes in there. Any papers to be filed or to be dealt with in some way... in it goes. boxes and boxes of networking cables, old routers, hard drives, all things computery really, there's a mess of it. Crafty/sewing/artsy stuff, I'm not sure where but its all in there. The cat litter box? it's in there too.

Total dump zone.  Even if there is a drawer for a specific type of item that drawer is a mess or overflowing so you can't really close it.  There is a lot of stuff that has been shoved into the closet or in cabinets and mushed so a lot of ruined stuff too which is painful to see.

Eric and I have an issue where we can't just buy one or a few of something we think we'll want more of. No, that would be smart. We buy a bunch of something or one of every color just in case. Or a sampling of different brands to see what we like best, most of the time with the intention of doing returns. but instead, it all just ends up in the office or in the garage/attic (the other dump zone).  Sigh.  TOO MUCH STUFF!

My "desk"
So "dealing" with the mess is what we've been doing in the brief moments when both kids are occupied, happy or napping which doesn't happen often or for long periods of time.  At the moment I really want to just throw it all out.

Don't even ask me what The Guests will be sleeping on once we make the space.  That's still TBD. ugh

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