Friday, November 16, 2012


LilMiss has night terrors, day terrors and anything in between terrors. It happens at night and sometimes during the day when she wakes(or doesn't really wake) from a nap.

Have any of you found triggers when/if your kids had night terrors?

The other night she appeared hot so I changed her jammies while she kicked and screamed, and once she cooled down she passed right out and was out the rest of the night.

Today as she was screaming in my ear after waking up too early from a nap and she suddenly said she had to pee, continued to scream with snot and saliva dripping from her face while on the potty, and after getting up she said she wanted some banana bread and magically she was all better.

I've read some people say TV will cause them, others say any change can be a trigger for their kids.  Admittedly she watched a lot of videos today and her Grandma is visiting so a few things have shifted a bunch this week.  Who knows.  Those little developing brains keep us on our toes.

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J at said...

I don't remember Maya having them. I wonder if she's coming down with something? Ear infection or something that might cause fever? Maya sometimes had issues like that when she had fever.

Or, you know, it could just be her brain developing, or TV, or change, or a bird in the yard, or who knows what. (Not that I think a bird in the yard would cause anything...what I mean is, gosh, sometimes you NEVER know)