Saturday, November 10, 2012

The One With No Title because I'm too tired

Super short post today. I am EXHAUSTED and LilMiss threw an epic fit when Eric tried to read her stories instead of me. Man this MAMA everything thing is heartbreaking. Do we "give in" and give her what she wants? So hard this one. Doesn't help there was almost no nap today and very little eaten and it was an hour past her bedtime.

2am Update: she just woke up and screamed for what felt like a very long time. I assumed Eric was with her but no. So I just got her back to sleep and then LD was crying as I got back to my room.
I shall go cry now too.

Today was a lovely day to visit friends we haven't seen since I was pregnant with LilMiss. It was great watching our kids play and LilMiss was introduced to the world of Disney Fairy movies and legos. We're in trouble.

It was nap time for the puppy and LD.

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J at said...

What a cute picture of LD and the puppy! I'm sorry she's going through this MOMMY phase right now. Exhausting.