Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Explaining democracy to a 2.5 year old

My LilMiss loves her some TV. We limit her programming choices more than we limit the amount of it currently. One of her new favorite shows is 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood'. It is a spinoff of Mister Rodgers Neighborhood. Kind of a continuation of the characters in the land of make believe as seen through their kids, yes Lady Elaine has a daughter! It's pretty adorable.

Very timely, last week's episode was on voting. We've used their catchy tunes and story lines to attempt to explain the process to LilMiss. She still doesn't get that just because you voted for A doesn't mean A will win the vote. She's 2, it's still all about her and what she wants when she wants it. We'll keep working on the concept.

Today we talked more about it and that Mommy and Daddy were going to go vote on a very important contest. Eric described the president as the mommy or daddy of the country we live in. I chuckled only because I had tried explaining it earlier and just said its a very important person who has to makes lots of decisions and choices. She was more focusing that she'd get to go with us.

Today came and the time got going by really fast . Getting up late, Playgroup in the morning, groceries and lunch, nap, dinner and bam we're speed walking to the polls with 2 kids with 50minutes until the polls close.

I showed her the ballot machines and having to pick boxes representing my choices but she wanted to help and that got tricky. Instead it was time to run around outside with Daddy :)

In the end, we voted and she got an evening walk and maybe some of the stuff going on stuck in her spongy head. We'll see how it goes next time we ask her to make choices or she and her friends want to do different things.

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J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I'm LOVING this whole blogging thing. Yay!

So glad you made it to the polls, and yeah, these are complicated issues for a 2 year old to grasp. I remember Dorothy telling me once that it seemed like Autumn never listened to a thing she said, and then one day, BAM, it was as though everything she had said in the last 3 or 4 years had stuck. Not that it all worked, but at least it became clear that she had been heard. That gave me good hope.