Thursday, July 12, 2007

Super Sweet 16

This past Sunday I found myself blowing a perfectly fine Sunday afternoon on the couch, again. What had me glued to el'glowing box this fine day you ask? Well a marathon showing of the Top 10 Most Blingest My Super Sweet 16's, followed by a really BAD movie based on the same premise, all on the master of all great television channels..... MTV.

Once I got past the shame of just what I was wasting my time doing, I then got to the questions of why do these spoiled brats demand such extravagant parties and gifts? Why do they have such a sense of entitlement? And why do I find it so fascinating to watch? Does the show actually prompt the bratty behavior or do these kids really act like this without the cameras?

Now I myself was a spoiled brat, I admit that. I did not obey my parent's rules, they didn't really enforce them, and I pretty much did what I wanted to. But I wasn't like this. I didn't cry when my mommy gave me a $45k car on my birthday instead of at my party. No, I had to work for my car, I paid for it myself, but my mom did pay for the insurance. I had my own phone line, you know a land line, not a cell phone. I didn't get an allowance because I worked, but if I did my chores my mom paid for that private phone line. All $14/month of it.

If you have more to do in your life then watch MTV, as I should, but I seem to still watch the drivel, you may not know what My Super Sweet 16 is. Basically it is a show, documenting the planning of Sweet 16 parties for the rich and bratty. Sometimes they are 15th or 18th birthday parties, but they all follow one theme... see how much your parents love you by how much money they spend on you.

I can't remember what I did on my 16th birthday, but I do know it didn't involve a car, a performing celebrity, a couture gown, catering or any sort of hall rental. I likely worked that day, and maybe hung out with some friends. Probably had some pizza.
Do you remember what you did for your Sweet 16?


~Donna~ said...

...this is so appropriate since my b-day is this Sunday. 16th...hmmm...Dad most likely made a cake, we celebrated at home with just the family and maybe a friend or two...and I got one of my favorite presents ever. My Dad found a Minolta XD-11 (old school SLR camera) on the clearance table mismarked to some ridiculously low price - and got it for me. I still have it. Still use it.

I still don't make a fuss over my b-days, so this year again is something nice and quiet and spent with good company.

ML said...

Can't say I remember my 16th birthday. But I think that's just my's kinda like swiss cheese.

J at said...

We surely went out to dinner...that's what we did every year. I think my Grandparents took me out to breakfast or lunch or something, and maybe gave me a necklace...but maybe that was my 18th birthday...dang, I wish I could remmeber. Sigh.

The only 'sweet 16' party I've ever been to was for Laluna's eldest, big sis. She rented a hall (I seem to remember she got a great deal on it) at a condo community room, and there was music and dancing, and we all had a GREAT time. But there was no bratty behavior, no spoiledness, no 45K car. OK, no car at all. It was a great party, though.

Py Korry said...

God I hate that show! But sometimes I can't look away. :-)

My 16th? I was in Paris with my folks eating take out in our hotel room. Wait. That was 17. I have no idea WHAT I did. :-(

Gina said...

Uhh, 16 would have been a family party first, and then at some other point out to dinner and the movies with some friends. I didn't have some big bash.

I don't have cable so I've never actually seen the show, but I've heard of it.

Chrissy121875 said...

Great post, Cherry! I admit it...I had a Sweet 16 party. In my mom's culture it's big thing. Her culture just loves celebrating everything in a big way. My dad's side...not so much. In fact, my dad thought the party was an incredible waste of money! LOL! Just kidding...he never said that, but I know he didn't think we needed to have anything that elaborate!

The girls dressed in evening dresses and the boys in suits and ties. We had a DJ and rented a hall. The food was catered and for the adults, it was open bar.

When Hubby and I have kids of our own, I don't think I'd have a huge Sweet 16 party for our daughter(s) (if we have any). I dunno...

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...yeah like,I'm 10 and I celebrated my 10th B-day just the same as the Sweet Sixteen Parties on MTV.And yes,I'm really rich!!!So stop that cuz I'm not a brat!