Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Maybe we should just stay home

So tonight we decided it was time we left our house to do something. Something as a couple. Oh! I know! We'll go to the movies!

We never go to movies. Ok, not never, but very rarely as we are cheap :-) so we only go if it is something I think will loose that special something by watching it at home. Also, if I go to the movies I'm going to want to by popcorn which I will eat about 5 handfuls of and then feel ill, and of course the candy is tempting, maybe even one of those hotdogs that roll around on those metal rollers... MMmmm! I do especially like the communal condiments.

But tonight, a little sick of the pitty party, we ventured out to our local Drive-In theatre which recently re-opened after many years of sad times. We got there on-time, got all situated and as I went off to get me some guaranteed heartburn, Eric RAN home to get the new super lightweight folding camp chairs we received as a wedding present. No really....he RAN home. Within 25 minutes he was back with 2 chairs and his skateboard in hand (he's so cool!).

I of course was already feeling ill from the popcorn, so I handed it off, set the radio to the correct frequency and was ready for some "Ratatouille". So we thought.

About 10 minutes in (sadly 10 boring minutes, although I was kinda into the whole rat who speaks culinary terms thing, but still a little slow to get people into it) the whole place looses power. Both screens (the other one showing Transformers), also went kaputs. 20 minutes of no news, a short announcement of apology and we're trying.... a few more iterations of no news, and then sad news, and then 100's of cars trying to get out of the 2 parking lots at the same time while trying to get a refund.... get there at 8:10pm.... out by 11pm. With 10 minutes of a movie watched. Very sad for this struggling Drive-In, on probably one of the most busy nights of the summer.

Perhaps staying at home wouldn't have been so bad. We're getting the feeling we are not carrying around much good karma.


Karen MEG said...

Cherry, what a major DRAG - when it rains it pours! A drive-in is so rare these days, and a great way to watch a movie too. Hopefully things will get better for them and you can try for another movie sometime soon.
And Eric is WAY cool - that is amazing that he skateboarded with the chairs!
We very rarely get out to movies anymore - we're lucky if we can get dibs on the TV to watch the occasional DVD without falling asleep!

Chrissy121875 said...

Awwww! That's too bad! Perhaps next time will be better! I always loved drive-in movie theatres! There is something so nostalgic and special about them! We don't have many around anymore. My friend and I are trying to get Hubby and her love interest to take us to a drive-in soon! LOL! That would be great!

Like Karen, we don't go to the movies often. I think Hubby and I have gone twice in the last year! LOL! DVDs...I tend to fall asleep halfway through the movie these days. *sigh*

Happy 4th of July!!! Hope you have a great day :)

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Nah, it's not your karma. If it were, my yummy pasta would have SUCKED the other night. ;-)

Better luck next time...that sucks that you didn't get to see the movie. Maya and her Grandma saw it, and they liked it.

Py Korry said...

Man...THAT sucks! I guess next time someone says "Hey, let's go to the drive-in!" You'll probably say "Um, let's watch a DVD instead." :-)

ML said...

That bites the big one!

Gina said...

Did all of you sit there and yell, "Boooooo?" Cuz I would have! ;)