Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So I must say that I laughed at almost all of your very kind and thoughtful comments on my little procrastination post yesterday. Almost every one sent their best wishes on my de-stressing and feeling better. I laughed because when I wrote that post I totally did not write it with a voice of a stressed person (in my head), and when I re-read it... nope, still not overly stressed. But clearly it came across that I was about to loose it.

I mean, I am a little on edge I admit, perhaps because I worked until 2am Tuesday morning but when I declared it time to go to bed I realized that I STILL procrastinated and didn't work on the tasks that were due 2 weeks ago and then I couldn't fall to sleep until about 3am, and then I set my alarm an hour later because 5am was just not happening, so I went with 6am and then snoozed for a round, which thoroughly annoys Eric because for some reason he stayed up late as well, and he didn't have to be up until 7:30am. (les pant, les pant (think Pepé Le Pew's little girl cat he used to run after... she used to pant to catch her breath but would throw in a "les" in front of it cause she was so french). And then I had to remember to drive to work today and not take the train, where I could have slept for an hour and a half, but instead I had to drive because I had a doctor appointment for them to look at my wrist/hand pain which cropped up after I started knitting. And the reason I started knitting was as a form of meditation, and to reduce stress, and damn it its fun, so my hands hurting is so uncool.

So why do you people think I'm stressed?


J said...

Hmmm. Perhaps quotes like this one, right in the middle of your post, might give people the (mistaken?) impression that you're stressed:

Plus I'm a perfectionist, so that doesn't really help matters when you are already a few days past the due date and you want it to be perfect. Lots of sleep is lost. Tempers are raised. And the inevitable breakdown will happen at which point Eric will be the wonderful man that he is and will help me through whatever mess I've gotten myself into this time. Even if it is going out to get me comfort food take-out so I don't have to think about the most daunting thought of the night... what to have for dinner?

When I'm stressed, I get all weird about what I'm going to eat. And often I don't eat because I get even more stressed trying to make food or even decide on what will be yummy. Stress is not the healthiest of diets for me. It's bad enough that I am usually not sleeping much by this point, but when I stop eating, then you know it's bad.

ML said...

Cause all the stuff you listed would really stress me out, so I figured it would stress you out too :)

Are you stressed?

Gina said...

I'm feeling bad cuz I was the only one who didn't mention your stress on that last post. I feel like an uncaring bitch now. It's all about me, dontcha know? ;)

Starshine said...

Gina cracks me up! I hope the hand and wrist pain are not related to the knitting. Because I agree that that knitting is cool. I couldn't get the hang of knitting, but I love to crochet, and I find it therapeutic...that is, until I have done for 90 hours straight (it's a bit of an addiction, you know). ;)

Ginger said...

Well, I was kinda envying you because you don't eat when you're stressed and I eat ALOT under stress.

And about your comment on my blog about curly tresses. I wear my hair long and it is kind of a spiral perm and it works for me but I know it is not for everybody. The perm lasts about 6-9 months and it is so easy to take care of.

beenzzz said...

Leh pant leh pant! HAHAHHA! I'm sorry you are so stressed. Stress sucks! I hope the doctor can help you with your wrist pain because you love to knit and you're damn good at it too!

lalunas said...

Hope he gave you some stretches to do for the hand and wrist tension.