Monday, January 01, 2007

A New Year Already?

With the new year comes thoughts and plans for the next year and a look back at the past. I start thinking, and planning out all that I would like to do and change and goals I would like to accomplish, and then Eric I and start talking about our thoughts and dreams for the year, and realize that they don't always align, and then I generally get all overwhelmed and don't want to even think about tomorrow, and I want to eat cookies or take a nap. And then the next thing I know it's 11pm, and I'm tired and crabby, and have already had a few meltdowns this year.

Every year I do this. I think about all that I wanted to do last year but didn't, I vow I will do them all the next year, and then I don't and then I beat myself up about it all. I also say that I don't do resolutions because really it's just torture, plus I'm an over planner and a perfectionist as it is, so I'm in a constant state of goal setting, and breaking, and beating myself up and then re-setting the goals, which then gets broken again... you see the cycle?

So even though I say I don't do new years resolutions, I am going to instate a life resolution to be kind to myself and to learn to set the bar low(er). We'll see how this goes.

Happy New Year all!


beenzzz said...

You know, I think you have the right idea. People do beat themselves up with resolutions. Your approach is much more realistic!!!

ML said...

I agree with your approach! Happy New Year!

Ally Bean said...

I get caught in the same kind of trap of not living up to my goals and then feeling awful about it. I don't know why I'm like that, but it's a bummer. So, I like your approach.

Expect less, enjoy more, eh?

J said...

I'm in. No resolutions for me this year, either, other than to try to accept myself as I am a bit more. Stop trying to make others happy with me, because I always fail at that anyway.

Starshine said...

Happy New Year, Cherry! That sounds like a fabulous life resolution. Do be kind to yourself because you are a lovely woman and your soul deserves your tender treatment.