Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Family Vacation Planning

After being away from the blog for a few weeks, and not really reading much, I feel I have so much to write about and to catch up on. There are Christmas stories, and travel stories, and the New Years stories and meltdowns and the awesome book I'm reading, but first things first.

I need your help.

In April, much of Eric's family is travelling down to New Orleans for the wedding of his cousin (his 3rd wedding... and he's just 30. I'm not judging!) The Bride grew up in the New Orleans area, and her uncle has offered up his VERY nice and spacious home and property for the event which is about 20 miles from the city. Many crawdads and beingets will be eaten and I'm so looking forward to the whole ordeal.

Our little side of the family that is travelling in is 7 adults and 3 kids big, coming from 4 different airports. The Bride's side of the family is HUGE, so we're going into this head on as a group so as not to get lost in all the southern hospitality. Just getting all of those flights booked to come in and go out at the same time, at a good rate was a challenge in itself, but we got that accomplished.

The first part of the trip is 100% wedding focused. We are staying in the town of the wedding so we are there for all of the events and festivities, and the wedding party can really gel (Eric and his niece are both included). The bride picked out a few hotels in the area, and Eric's aunt took care of those reservations which was immensely kind of her to take on that expense and task to book room preferences for everyone. Mostly everyone was pleased with her selection but you can't bitch if you don't pay so that has worked out just fine.

Most of us have not been to New Orleans, so we opted to stay a few extra days to see the sites. The thing is, we decided to stay in the French Quarter since that is really the area we want to explore. But then there is the question of where to stay, and then silly me volunteered to research hotels. This chunk of the trip, everyone is paying their own lodging so now I have inadvertently volunteered to spend other people's money, so I'm trying to balance expense with amenities and location, and still try to make everyone happy. You see I'm insane.

So here is where I ask for your help.
Is there anyone who has taken on such a task that can give some advice?
Has anyone planned a trip to the French Quarter or lives in the area that can recommend a hotel/inn?

So far my research is going well, but feedback and input from others is what makes my world go round so any information and advice is much appreciated.


ML said...

A**hole spammer hit your post!!! Lordy, I just failed at one of my New Year resolutions. Well, maybe not, because I did say I wasn't going to totally quit swearing.

I haven't been to New Orleans or the French Quarter, so I can't give you any tips. Hopefully, you'll get a bunch of information from others who have been there. Sounds like a fun time!

J said...

I've never been either...good luck with your search. :) Sounds like a fun time, though!

My only advice would be to not try too hard to make everyone happy. Find two or three hotels, or maybe even just one, and tell them this is what you found. They can choose to stay there, or elsewhere, if they don't like what you come up with. Much easier than stressing yourself out TOO much.

Gina said...

We traveled to NO about ten years ago (my god) and stayed in the French Quarter.

The best advice I can give you, if you haven't tried already, is to go to Fodor's travel website ( I believe it is just fodors.com) where you can go and ask everyone who knows the area/been there recently for advice. They have always been SUPER helpful and informative for every trip I've taken.

lalunas said...

You are going to have a blast. We stayed in the French Quarter years and years ago. I know it must of changed with all that went on in New Orleans in the last couple of years. I think J has good advice. Stay cool and don't stress out, it is not worth it. If they don't like your suggestions they have the option to find their own.