Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Practicing my writing

A friend told me that one should write something everyday to improve their writing. She told me to write anything, whether it's a list, or a thought, or a quote or a full blown story. Just write. I don't know if my writing will actually improve, because no amount of writing will really improve my spelling and grammar, or will it? But it might improve the act of getting my thoughts down on paper (or the screen) in an interesting and cohesive manner.

I know I have not been great at posting very often, so I thought I'd take pictures and post those, but that has even waned. I no longer carry my camera everywhere I go.

I will often think of something to write about, but never take the time to write it. I have wanted to write about my battle with getting in shape and dieting and generally being more healthy; battle with depression; battle with hormones and maternal urges; battle of the sexes at home; the desire to get married; etc, etc, etc. I think about writing about my favorite shows on TV (which you must all start watching RELATED on the WB), or about movies or cooking, or just what I did today.

Too many thoughts coming at me too quickly, and I am moving too fast to take the time to write them down. So maybe this will not turn out to be a lesson in improved writing ability, but more one in taking time to reflect and de-stress. :-)



J said...

Well, you teased us all with things you MIGHT write about. It's a start, at least! :)

Tracy said...

Cherry, I love RELATED! It is so well-written, and the acting is great. I didn't know you were a screen-writer! Cool! Keep up the blogging, sister. It really is a great discipline to keep the writing muscles flexed.