Thursday, March 02, 2006

Memories in Food

On Tuesday night, I had an errand to run after work near Ghirardelli Square. On my way over there, I gave Eric a ring to ask about dinner. We chatted about how he had actually gotten out of the house and did a little grocery shopping (I swear we have been eating out almost day so the pantry and fridge were a sad site). So there was dinner to be had at home. But how often am I on this side of the city. So close to where Eric used to live (Pacific & Hyde). As I walked to my appointment I began to miss being in the city more or in generally getting out and living life away from the computer, television and the house I hate. Yes I work in SF, but down in SOMA where there is NOTHING. Here I am walking around, passing all of these awesome restaurants and clubs, and totally wishing we’d move to the city. I’m watching people walking arm in arm down to Marina Park, hearing the cable car cable wrrrr, and the occasional “ding ding”. It was so nostalgic.

When we first started dating, we discovered this small neighborhood Chinese restaurant about 2 blocks from his place, Sun Kwon. The food is wonderful, fresh, CHEAP, and fast! We used to eat there at least once a week. We’d split Won Ton soup with chicken and bok choy, and an order of pot stickers ($11). Sometimes we’d sit on Eric’s futon, with a wooden tray between us and gorge ourselves, or on warm late summer/fall nights we’d sit on the stoop enjoying the act of passing the container back and forth as we experienced the joy of the warm flavorful liquid and the best won tons around.

A few years ago I picked up our favorite dinner there and drove it home to Concord (at least 1 hour drive), and was amazed that everything was still piping hot. So I thought it would be fun to try that again. So I drove around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes, with no luck at finding parking (SOOOO not missing that part of the city!). There is a fire hydrant in front of the restaurant where I’ve seen tons of people park their cars to run in and pick up their order, but I’m a scared-ee cat. I saw lots and lots of spots where I would be half blocking a drive way, or in the red. But I didn’t risk it. Hell, I could ask Eric to call the order in, and I could drive around for 10 minutes, park illegally and grab the food while only being unlawful for 2 minutes tops! (Not missing the city anymore.)

I decided to forget the whole idea, when I found a metered spot on Polk (2 uphill blocks away), but I need a little exercise anyway. So Eric called in the order, I walked up the hill, and got us a warm, tasty memory. It was so good. And we reminisced of the dating, and the falling in love, and the clubs and all the fun we used to have. We decided to get out more and do more stuff. Who knew a cheap meal would bring about such change.


Autumn's Mom said...

Loving the food memory. I'm never a fan of the city through my own eyes, but find it always sounds so much better through someone else's :)

J said...

What a sweet post...I know how that is...we fell in love in SF, and going to certain neighborhoods makes me dream of fun times. Then the city itself can get in the way, what with the parking and stuff. But yeah, I love SF. Glad you had your nice meal and remembering. :)